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Soo guys… I know this could be placed into another topic buuuut it’s a game from my home country (and gaming isn’t a big industry here so the excitement is real)

Please look at it and listen to all of the South African slang :sob: and get hyped with me!! :star_struck:
And if you don’t like it, it will punch you in the face



Duuuudeeee I forgot you were South African! Very cool.

Will keep an eye out on this one, despite not being my kind of game.

What’s your favorite South African slang? :blush:


Heh that trailer was great. Looks like it could be fun.


Yassssss bru

It is also not my kind of game either but I am so keen :blush:

Omg where do I start?
My absolute favourite is probably bruh/bra/bru (if that is South African?) and yoh
Yoh – an expression of surprise e.g.“Yoh, you gave me a fright!”
[pronounced like “your” but drawn out with more of an “h” at the end.]

Some honourable mentions though:
Lekker – great / tasty

Eish! – an exclamation
[Ay-sh] or [ee-sh]

Babbelas – hangover

Laaitie – a young male

Now Now – any time from in the next five minutes to the next five days
A confusing phrase for non-locals meaning sometime soon – sooner than just now but not quicker than right now.

And your favourite Brazilian slang? :sunflower:


Boer Fighter


*Puts on best guy South African accent *

What did you just say, boet? :muscle: xD


Awwww man only sp local mp / co-op. I want to play this with random people.

Update: Wishlisted


So… can I confidenly walk up to my handsome male friends and say:

Eish! Laaitie lekker.


Thanks for any and all input on how to hit on people on the worst way possible.

As for Brazilian slangs, more specifically “paulistano” slangs (AKA from the city of São Paulo), I love calling everyone “brother” and “sister”. We don’t say that with the religious undertone you’d find elsewhere, but more as a brotherhood sorta thing.

“Irmão” for dudes and “irmã” ou “mana” for chicks.

I also like saying “fita” (tape) to refer to anything, “pico” (peak) to refer to any place, “desenrolar” (untangle) to talk about getting stuff done (like meeting up or going on a date) and “enconstar” (lean on) to ask people to show up on any given place at any given time.


“Irmão, qual a fita que ‘cê’ vai resolver naquele pico lá? Desenrola isso aí rapidão pra enconstar lá no bar com a gente.”

(Brother, what are you gonna do do at that place? Get that underway quickly so you can catch up with us at the bar.)


Well it at least has SP. Some of those small indie games do fatal mistake and make multiplayer only game and 3 days after launch they have 2 people playing.


This dialogue is hilarious. :slight_smile:


This made me laugh :joy:
You would definitely make some friends but laaitie is more condescending and lekker is rarely used for people (more used like “she was lekker in bed hey”) but mostly used for food/experiences
You can call a hot girl a cherrie though.

This is one of the best pick up lines:

But we say it whenever someone uses too much slang xD

I looove the brazilian slang (even if I don’t know in the least to pronounce it)

So I need to untangle a date? Sooooo accurate :laughing: because don’t we all analyse it until it’s tangled xD

I like the brother thing you have going on… very assassin-like :smirk:

Definitely assassin-like


Come visit South Africa and you’ll have random people to play with :eyes: :joy:

Hopefully they’ll develop a wider base but I think they’re just focusing on SA for now. I think it is the first game they have made so I was surprised to even find it on steam :blush:



Sign me up!


I wishlisted it :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Looks cool.


Being Dutch, I can’t help but find South African funny :smile: