Guns of Icarrus Alliance is FREE on HumbleBundle (Closed :/)

Yo guys o/ ,I do not know you Chronies, but I was already feeling strange that HB has not done more almost no giveaway ~~

Here is the link :3


Like usual, already have it. Make sure you activate or keep the key elsewhere.

"The redemption deadline is August 11th, 2018 @ 10:00 am Pacific. You have 15 days left!
Immediately after August 11th, 2018 @ 10:00 am Pacific, the Steam key will magically vanish as if it were just a figment of your imagination, leaving this cryptic message behind in its wake."


I was under the impression that the keys just vanish from humble when they should be expired and so you won’t have a use for them any more.
Essentially the key has a use by date and when it’s expired humble automatically ‘removes it from the shelf’ as it were.
Keeping the key elsewhere won’t force steam to accept an expired key.

that’s not how steam keys work
and while i can’t speak for “all” keys given away by humble, since it depends on whether or not they have a dealing with the devs to cancel keys, i’m fairly confident to say that “most” keys can be stored safely elsewhere

we’ve talked about it before on the forum, and it’s been “confirmed”/tried several times, to use so called “expired” keys, waaay past the redemption deadline, (written down manually), and they’ve all worked so far

here is the “theory”
since keys don’t have some auto expiration property, -much less combined with some auto detect/“don’t cancel if in use” ability, (at least not that’s been known so far), a dev/store need to “manually” cancel any key.
Now since Humble, or the dev, would have nooo way of knowing which keys actually got redeemed or not, once you click the “reveal” button, they’d potentially run in to canceling keys that were already activated on an account, -since a dev supposedly have no tool to know which, or even how many, keys of their product has been activated on steam (otherwise they wouldn’t have relied so much on 3rd party tools like SteamSpy for instance)
making it entirely unlikely that the keys themselves actually “expire”, nor that they manually cancel any keys (that’s already “revealed” at least), and that it’s just a humble site/script thingy where the display vanishes from your account

not to say that it’s 100% impossible for a key to potentially not be able to be used after a given period,
since even legit sites urge you to use your store bought keys “quick”, because reasons ? :thinking: (-which i presume is to limit the chance of a key being duped by say a “cracked”/“home” generated serial?) :man_shrugging:

and to finish off, i just activated a code that “expired” back in april, so “some” definitely has a decent “shelf-life” :wink:


also, didn’t they “just” give this game away as one of their freebies recently/“yesterday”?
i’m sure i got mine not that long ago :thinking:
thx for the heads-up tho @Agetime :+1: :smiley:


But if the keys don’t actually expire then what stops people from stockpiling them for resale when they’re no longer free?

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good luck finding ppl willing to pay for a game that has been offered for free several times over

also, 1 key is 1 key, the fact that u sell it doesn’t change that they gave it away for free anyway, so they don’t lose anything in either case


absolutely nuffin
… which is probably exactly why places started to put some form of “barrier” in or another (no matter how useless some were), c(r)aptcha, or like having to go through the process of signing up, linking steam acc, ip “tracking”/lockouts so on
-and is also why there have been numerous speculations over the time; that some places used such freebies in their own cheap bundles/giveaways/“deals”, and was thus the cause of why when then suddenly running out of stock of the only/few good/real games in “meh” bundles/deals they were offering.
(don’t really think any of it was “proven”, but the thought put out there from time to time)

but like our dear Moomoo said, the dev/publisher are probably somewhat fairly aware of such potential/“minor” abuse, and have counted it in when they weighed the decision pro/cons of a freebie

the only instance i can think of where a key “expires” is when a place “returns” it/any remaining or unclaimed keys in a batch after X time back to the dev, and then gets canceled. But the point here is “unclaimed”, since steam keys “by themselves” have no expiration date and lasts forever, -unless duped :man_shrugging: