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i will probably give you nice people some more keys later on from the jingle jam bundle but this one has limited stock so it had to be done quick so be quick and tell me if you are interested
i dont want to just put the key here, i need the human interaction


Human interaction is the only way!! especially with keys, hehe (I don’t know how to make smaller text?!)


would you like to have the key?? you were quite quick!


lol, I blame delenn and my addiction to reading. I will pass although thank you very much for the offer! Unreal engine and this game-type will no doubt be a stellar play. I am afraid I would not be able to play it until the new year and do not want to take someone else’s chance.

Hope you’re having a great start to the month :slight_smile:


It’s Guilty Gear!! May I have the key pretty please?!

added: I’ve only ever played it at my friends’ computers; also, these were earlier installments… Still remember fondly the button mashing, as well as my abuse of the dolphin attack and anchor smash by May. Also, there was that one time in an anticafe where we just tried every activity available. We’ve launched Guilty Gear on PS3 (or was it PS4?) and the sprites were SO MUCH MORE DETAILED. But for some reason, May was unavailable, so I’ve chosen Bridget and got K.O.'d pretty quickly…


Could I get a key please?


i would like the key it looks like a fun game. I really enjoy fighting games and it looks like a fun time.


I mean, If you have one more to give then may I have one too?


Should we asl an admin to mark it as “ENDED” ?


Users can change the title of a thread themselves, so you could change it to ended if you wish. So if it is completed feel free to change the title. If you want the thread removed that is something I can help with


I think this is already over but, i will put my name down just in case, since i am quite interested in said game.


it has not ended yet because i went to sleep and im at school at the moment but i will draw the winner when i get home, i hope the keys dont run out until then
i have one key for this game the other keys i was talking about are different games from the bundle
and because the bundle is like an adventscalendar thing i will decide what to keep when it ends and i can see all the games and we will have a big great giveaway, or not, because im a greedy boy and i just want to keep them all hahaha


If you don’t need or want Tower 57 or Cardlife, can I get a key please? :sweat_smile:


im not sure if it already ended, but anyways i would like to play that game


ok here i go
@joxter wil get twice the chance because they were the first and brought us a nice gif as well
@discobot roll 1d7

@feefre just in time


:game_die: 6


ok @rakada won
i’ll PM you i guess

if its not clear, i just assigned the numbers in order of appearance and then i rolled the seven sided (because six people total but joxter counts twice) die that is how the winner was chosen


Woohoo i’m feeling so lucky multiple good things have happen to me recently :slight_smile: thanks alot for the givaway!