Guacamelee Super Turbo free on steam ends may 22

I know there’s a humble thread but looks like Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is being given for free on steam.


aww, still limited options/no cards, dang steam :confused:
cheers @Animosity


Good one, @Animosity :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Let’s try to make sure @eliaviaene SEES this one so they don’t miss it again…


…but it says it has Trading Cards! Clicks the (?) after receiving error message when trying to add to Steam account and reads,

While supplies last. Games granted during free-to-keep promotions do not drop Steam Trading Cards.

I’m not sure if that’s a recent change or I’ve been in the dark for some time but I just found out about the drops restriction. I used the free games to help level up my Steam account, didn’t even list the Cards on the Community Market to sell… 1x


i can’t remember when steam made that policy, it’s a little time back, just took a while for it to proper take effect/circulate among devs and their promo settings
i can’t even remember if they even bothered with a public announcement or if it was an internal/steamworks message
but in the beginning it didn’t effect 3rd party freebies like humble, which was why no one noticed, as actual free games on steam was less common than devs doing promos elsewhere
but then it got applied there too it seems. And we started to see it recently because of the quick succession of free games, where Kathy Rain for some reason forgot to leave out the "trading cards disabled"setting, but with Divide by Sheep and Fearless people finally started to take notice -and then with guacamelee on humble
i think the first one where i saw it in effect after the “announcement” was in march, but since it was a dlc didn’t really matter -and humble continued to provide retail keys instead of "limited promo"keys ofc
whether or not it will be standard for 3rd party giveaways we’ll have to see, but seems reasonably to expect it to be more the norm now and a “neglect” if freebies have trading cards available now on steam
^seems like my alt days might be drawing to a close :smile:

Edit, i gave up on finding the initial announcement since it was all back from last year somewhere it seems o.0
(where the system was a bit different and card drops where just disabled “during” the free period, not tied to a diff key depot setting like now.)
Steamdb then made a note about it taking full effect back in february where we then saw the new feature fully operational in march giveaway on steam


@Gnuffi @delenn13 Just tyring to do my part. For the glory of the empire! :rofl:


I thought it was recent because I remember reading a Reddit comment regarding the massive player count increase suspected to be mostly due to bot farms when Kathy Rain was available for free not too long ago, but I think I had heard about no card drops on free games a few times before that in the past. Perhaps those were regarding free weekends having drops disabled during the free period - I imagine Valve had to have been doing that (I never looked into free weekend limitations closely).

I’ve also heard that VaIve has started adding Recaptcha to the account creation process. It looks like they’re cracking down on bot farming operations if the card drops and captcha changes are related. It’s an interesting change when only a few years ago we had to endure the golden age of shovelware being churned out & loaded into the Store only to be given away freely cough IndieGala cough to create a minimal revenue stream for the Dev from the sheer volume of Community Market sales they generated. Valve’s eventual response to the shovelware-epidemic took a few years iirc, too.

I wonder if these most recent changes are being introduced by Valve to tidy up the platform in response to Epic’s attempt into the same market space, or if Valve decided the bot farms had just become too big to ignore any longer. Or perhaps something else entirely? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Back on topic: anyone else unable to add the game to their account?


Yo anyone here got an ArenaNet account. I was leveling my account on alienware arena this morning and got a copy of guild wars 2:path of fire but i already got a copy last month. I’ll just post it here even tho @onLooSe told me to make a new thread for them likes.

877L7B-VN97Q-R6WR-S?W-HWCDJVD ?= comes after 2

Figured it was worth a shot posting here instead of just letting it go to the gaming void.


Thank you, I grabbed it, I’ve always meant to get back into guildwars 2 at some point. Though I’ll feel bad now if someone currently an active player shows up really wanting it.


You’re welcome. I’m just glad someone used it. Enjoy!


TYVM! :grin::star_struck:


Welcome :heavy_heart_exclamation: