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Grim Dawn free weekend on Steam


(^should be free weekend even tho link don’t show it)
some might recall once or twice i’ve done did a slight mention of enjoying Grim Dawn
since i think it’s such a fantastic game, and it just happens to be on a free weekend, i thought it deserved its own little spot for a post for your consideration
Take this opportunity to check the game out, see if it’s something for you during these free days. Should be enough time to give you an idea if you disagree or like or maybe even end up thinking of getting grabbing it permanently

consider it recommended :+1:

PS. it’s an arpg/“hack 'n slash” with a heavy emphasis on solo play, tho there are some coop/mp available but YMMV


Already installed and I’m looking forward to check it out for few hours … really missing the old school action RPGs, but not the grind though :smiley:


So is Assetto Corsa, L4D2, Don’t Starve Together, Endless Space 2, BDO…



aye, but i was “highlighting” Grim Dawn because it’s a game i love/stand by, hence the “recommendation”/suggestion to take advantage to tryout this specific one while it lasts :wink:


Yeah already installed it and tried a bit of it due to remembering your “mentions” of this game and let’s just say I hate you as I will be adding another game to my library towards the end of the free weekend. Ok, Ok, hate is a strong word. I’ve gotten so many good recommendations from y’all here, so I really appreciate y’all. :purple_heart: I have no will power when it comes to games, though. :crying_cat_face: However not buying the expansions for it just yet, otherwise my wallet will weep.

Good news is it knocked out two things for the spring cleaning event for today: a daily task and a project.


Looks good Gnuff, but I’ll pass as I’ve got other new things to try. Tired, so hope to game a little tomorrow…


Time to try out Endless Space 2! Thanks guys.


Brilliant game,try it ! A big recommendation from me :wink:


Thank you man this muuuuuuuuuuch. I always wanted to try Grim Dawn and Don’t Starve.
I wouldn’t know about this possibility otherwise.
Thank you. :slight_smile: