Great Improvements!

Love the new: ‘‘New Games every 2 weeks!’’ notification, I think this also really helps to diminish the countless threads on when new games will be released. Great to see the site so active!!!


Honestly have nothing else to say other then that I overwhelmingly agree, it’s a really great addition haha. felt soooo good to read it when I logged on today.


I wonder, though: how are they able to ensure they can hold up to the two week promise? Do they have a safety net of free keys built up? Do they have a deal with certain devs to receive keys every two weeks? Or was that just to keep the community quiet while they beg like crazy?


Wow such a cynical view. Not that I am against the questions you are asking but:

  1. Does it matter how they do it? Also it hasn’t started yet so we haven’t even seen them try to keep their word and we haven’t seen how they are going to do it, so why not wait a few weeks and find out?
  2. They are giving us free games, does it really matter how often they come out? they are giving us something we want for essentially nothing other than visiting their site, I personally dont care if they slip a week or two on this commitment every once in a while.
  3. Yes it keeps the community quiet, sometimes it seems every second thread is about when the next batch of games is coming out. I am sure its frustrating as hell to answer the same questions a ton of times.
  4. This way it essentially gives them a timeframe to find keys. I assume they looked to see when the games were going to sell out and then look for more just before that happened, but now they know they need to find some every couple of weeks. Also people have the assurance that the store will be restocked at a set time it doesn’t matter if all the games sell out, all of them can be sold and they won’t have to worry about people leaving because they think there will be no more free games.

Just trying to look at it from Chrono’s perspective but feel free to tell me your thoughts.


Gosh, I was just curious…


Hey mate please don’t take offense to what I said, didnt mean it that way, sorry if it came across like that, like I said nothing against what you asked just thought I would twist the perspective a little, play the “devil’s advocate” as they say. If I offended you I apologise.


Actually my thoughts mirror Imaynotbehere4long. However, I do see PeteMcc’s point in that I don’t work for so how the heck am I supposed to assume this is overly risky? The fact is I can’t, so I shouldn’t. But we both agree that we HOPE set a realistic deadline with a large enough backlog to deliver such a wonderful announcement. Because to be honest, 2 weeks is fast. Really fast. I honestly felt that 3 games should last two months for a store offering games with no payment necessary to earn currency to acquire said games. If we’re getting a game (or more) every two weeks, then that is a tight deadline to acquire keys from various publishers. I mean, if Nintendo offered one game a month for MyNintendo, I’d believe that to be realistic, but they won’t do it (only offered three free titles and that’s it). Now we’re talking about a company smaller than Nintendo offering way way more. That’s why we’re trying to say we hope set a realistic deadline for themselves and are not hurting themselves in the process of keeping us and our overwhelming demands happy.

BUT AGAIN, PeteMcc has a very good point. I don’t work for so what am I worried for? Let the pros handle this. Period.

So Imaynotbehere4long and PeteMcc, good talk.