Grand Chase is returning

No one would expect that…

I don’t know about other regions, but it was pretty popular over here, despite the developers being not so great dealing with bugs and all the changes the game went trough (some not for the best), it was a huge hit in South America and even won some game awards in Brazil. I’ve made lots of friends in that period and we’re kinda excited to join again for some old timey fun.

If you never heard of Grand Chase, it’s basically a side-scroller beat 'em up with a bunch of characters and customization made by KOG (same developers of “sequel” Elsword and the linked-lore KurtzPel). There are lots of PvE stages to fight through with some lore involved about that world and characters. There’s also PvP that focuses on learning a lot of your characters movements and utilization of combos.

The graphics are from the 2000~2010 era, so it can probably run fine on most machines still, haha. If you’re somewhat interested you can opt-in for their closed beta via the steam page.

It’s going to be a global server from what they say in the announcement, we’ll see how it will handle all the Brazilians joining :laughing: apologies in advance.


Ah yes, I remember this game being quite popular not just in Brazil but also around the world too.
This is practically a relic from the past, in a time where mostly free MMOs came from Asia and of course had a bunch of P2W crap.

However my first MMO was Asda Story (which’s now Asda Global) which had a Brazilian Server maintained by I think it was Level Up! Games.
Needless to say that it wasn’t a very good experience, even though I had some friends there before I left that sh*tty community for good.


Yup, we didn’t have access to a lot of things either so we’d stick to what was available at the time, haha. I remember installing and patching Grand Chase for a whole day because of dial-up connections (it’s very deeply carved into my memory because of the little trailer that played on a loop on the patcher :rofl: )


Yeah, for a long time my connection was also dial-up, and often the character would run in place just like those old Scooby-Doo cartoons, and patches would take even a whole day to update the game.


Ty for the reminder, it was already on my WL on Steam, too. Hm.


Thanks @Enki :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: