Got banned for no reason

After accumulated enough coins for the 2nd time I couldn’t get any games from this site. I contacted support and they said that my account look similar to some other account on this site. Aaand they banned me. This is my only account, I don’t use VPN (on this site at least), so I just don’t get it. Does anyone know what I can do about this whole situation? If I buy something to prove my account, will it help?

Sorry for bad eng

what exactly does that mean? It might mean that u made a second account?

If u did, then that is exactly why u got banned

buying something with yr second account will not change anything to the potential fact that u created a second account

there is nothing else u can do, no

they would never ban u for having an account that looks similar to another one. However, they do have ways of detecting a second account made by the same person, so I’m pretty sure that that’s exactly what happened, that you’re just playing with words to try to pretend u did nothing wrong and don’t know what’s going on, and that you’re pretending u don’t understand English well and that that’s your excuse for playing dumb

only a stupid cow would fall for that


@Almark if support has already contacted you and come up with that determination then I think it’s handled already. If you think they made an error then try to make a case and contact them again via I don’t think the outcome will be different on the forum.


Sounds like he reached a second “milestone” for the bonus coins.


Well, kinda sad but thanks for the info

“Sounds like he reached a second “milestone” for the bonus coins.”
Exactly. I already got 1 game from this website without a problem. Thank you @xist

only a stupid cow would fall for that

Wow, you’re so toxic. Did I do something bad for you, like, burning your home or killing your hamster? Chill, plz
I don’t have the second acc. And I wrote this post to understand, am I the only one who has this problem and what can I do to verify this thing. If I there is nothing… well, ok. But man… don’t be a scumbag plz. I don’t need to play with words and make myself look innocent, because I will gain NOTHING from this. Jeez…

“Bad English” = I made tons of grammar mistakes like 8 years old here. That’s all. Stop theorizing bullsh*t here

Exact message btw: “Your account was found to be a duplicate of other accounts on In order to prevent exploitation of the coins system, duplicate accounts are not allowed to make purchases from the shop.”
If I did understand it wrong, please correct me

you made a second account

honest question: do u have one or more Steam accounts u made yourself with one or more VAC bans on it/them?

follow-up question: if yes (even though u’d never admit it if it was the case), did you make a Steam forum post explaining how u have no idea how that happened and don’t know how that came to be?

i’m not accusing u of that btw, just drawing a parallel to a case we’re all familiar with


In my sleep, I suppose. Okay, whatever

exactly what I’m saying in those questions

as for me being a toxic scumbag: I’ll apologize if Chrono staff ever confirm they made a mistake. As long as they don’t, you’re the one who could be called names (which I’m not doing btw) for potentially trying to cheat a system set in place to obtain free games


No, I have only one clean main Steam acc.The only similar experience I have is getting banned forever in LoL. But my account was hacked (my mistake) and Rito support was very polite and gave me all the information regarding this case. Here I got nothing, like “haha! you’re scamming! gtfo!” and silence.
Well, if chrono supp will never address my issue you can sleep peacefully. w\e. I don’t think they care at all.
Just checked all my emails (all 2), if I registered on this website twice. Got 1 email (this account), still waiting for the second. So you can think anything, but from my point of view chrono is ditched me over for no particular reason and coz they don’t have a phone or steam verification (like all normal websites) I can’t prove my innocence by any means. Let’s hope they don’t srew you over next time, seeya

Oh, and if I WAS scamming, I think it would be more clever move to just make 1-2-3-10 more accounts than go to forum for the advice

All I can say is I know more than enough about the people at that they wouldn’t ban anyone unless they were certain, and u’d be surprised at how far they often go to help ppl

as for your specific case, as long as they say u did do it, I’ll take their word over yours, but if you have a valid case, I’m sure they’d look into that, if they hadn’t already, before proceeding with banning or final judgments in the matter

maybe, but honestly at this point, I’d be surprised if you’re even able to make an additional account, and even if u did, I’m pretty sure u understood by now that that account would also just get blocked

like i said, if they ever confirm they made a mistake, I’ll apologize :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yeah, i think i’ll be fine

hf dude

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You really wouldn’t have to apologize in the first place, if you would have handled it like @ksib.

@Almark, I don’t know how they verify everything, but I would guess there are various systems in place to determine. If you are truly in the right, I would recommend checking your internet security, email security, and other related things.

Otherwise, there really isn’t anything else we on the forum can do to help.


@Almark We’ll take a look at your account this week and ping you via email if we need any additional details