Goodbye, Oscar...

Tomorrow…July 2, 2020…

My doggie, Oscar, is getting euthanized.


Let us just say that, for his breed he’s well past his prime (a pug), and as a result…

  1. is 94% blind, 96% deaf
  2. can’t walk or stand very well
  3. bumps into everything, lack of spatial awareness
  4. has issues with breathing and eating (the former an issue his whole life but is worse now)
  5. jumps at the slightest thing
  6. is obviously miserable
  7. can’t really be bothered to do much more than sleep

“How old is he?”

Had him since early 2005. He was a teeny little furball back then.

“I’m sorry.”

It’s alright; at least he’s in somewhat better health than Max was back when he had to be euthanized back in 2016. You’re gonna ask, so…

Max was my other pug; got him mid 2003 and he was slightly more mature. His health declined quickly after 2011. He got to a point where he was completely blind and his eyes had turned blue, was completely deaf with a very shrill bark, and barely could move, eat or drink. I remember still, the last time I carried him down the stairs to go outside, and about two hours later, he had a seizure he never fully recovered from. Yeah.

I’m glad Max is gone; he no longer suffers at least. I will feel the same way about Oscar’s euthanization, but, the catch is that even though I know he suffers, it’s far less obvious, at least until you observe him walking over things and bumping into walls…

So…losing Oscar is going to hit me harder. I loved giving him rubs and scritches, and when he could keep up with my rhythm, walking him (I stopped walking him because he just cannot keep up anymore so I have someone else aiding me there since I have autism-related issues with my rhythm being upset like that).

Likely, I won’t be getting another pet. Actually, it might be good to just not have one at all for a while. However, my depression is only going to be worsened by this…

Anyway, just wanted to say something about this, in case something comes up down the line as a result of the tragedy…

May the Divines guide us all… (and can we have some tags for pets and pet-lovers!?)


So sad to hear about both Oscar and Max, at least they both seem like they lived fulfilling lives in such a loving home with you. :sob:

Hit me up for a chat if you ever feel the need to talk/vent/get stuff off your chest.

You can tag in the Optional tags section whatever you want, you can just write in your own tags. But in the forums, it’s just what Discourse limits us to, at least it’s better than Steam making you pay for everything you want to use.


Thanks for that.

I tried typing in those optional tags, but it came back with ‘no results found’ and wouldn’t accept them, so, it’s blank as a result.


I put a couple in for you, hope you are okay with that. :smiley:


I know you probably heard this before but yeah, think of the good times you had with him and remember those. It sucks but its just part of life.


My condolences, having to say goodbye to your pets sucks.


Damn. That’s a lot to take in given the circumstances right now. If you like, your friends (us included) and family would be there if you need it.
Also please don’t take my pfp is me mocking you for what’s happened.


The poor pooch, sorry to hear that. In moments like these, I always like to remember the good times I had with my fellow pet. From a psychological pov, getting another pet would diminish drastically the emotional backlash of Oscar being euthanized. It doesn’t make it unfair for Oscar to have a new pet, its not “cheating” in any way. He lived a good life.


Thank you for being brave enough to share this with us. And, brave enough to act, for your Oscar, when it became obvious to you he was ready to go on and to leave his suffering behind. I, and likely all of us, will send good thoughts your way. :sunflower:


Thanks, everyone for your kind words…

I can only hope that it gets better, but right now, I couldn’t be arsed to give much of a damn…

I’m exhausted…


I know that it is hard but you did the right thing. They don’t need to suffer like that and when they look at you with those pleading eyes to do something, it nearly breaks your heart but it’s for the best. If you need to talk…

When ever this happens to a friend of mine, I always I send them these pages. It does help…:hugs:

Then be sure to check this page…


Bookmarking those for certain. Merci beaucoup.

Hmmm…now what to do…oh, I know!


My condolences. Having someone who kept up with your rhythm is more than just a pet. That’s family right there. Your best friend. I’m sorry to read about your difficult decision. I can’t imagine what it’s like in your position (even after you described it). Thank you for sharing, and don’t let depression win. It’ll take time though, so take all the time you need and take care.


I’m sorry for your loss :sunflower:
Not sure if this helps, but it helped me. I once read a little story that went more or less like:
Today I went to a clients house to check on a dog. He was old, and sick. I gently told the parents when they had ushered the little boy out the room that it looks like putting him down would be the only option, so he no longer has to suffer. They understood, but asked for another day to say their goodbyes and to explain to their son.
I came back the following day, and did the deed. After, we had a cup of coffee discussing why dogs had to leave so soon in life. The little boy, after barely saying a word, piped up: “I think I know.” We all looked at him, and he continued, “people are born so that they can learn how to live a good life - like loving everybody and being nice all the time, right? Well, dogs already know that so they don’t have to stay as long”


All dog lovers, if you like reading books, I can strongly recommend “A Dog’s Purpose” (or see the 2017 movie “A Dog’s Purpose” based on the book).


@AcornAvenger Hueueueue… that’s a kyuute thing to say.

@markwr I’ll keep it in mind.