Good VR Games?

I’m going to be picking up an HTC Vive soon, so I want to hear some opinions on some VR games. I’m already looking at a few (mainly Hotdogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Tilt-Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, and maybe Fallout 4/Skyrim VR). I’ve also already downloaded several free VR games (The Lab, Google Earth, Trials on Tatooine) Are there any others that you would recommend?


I’ve got just a few that I consider essentials.

COMPOUND is pretty neat-o, and there’s a free demo. I’ll admit I don’t have much nostalgia for EGA color palettes, but this game does what it does pretty well. It’s a Wolfenstein 3D style game in VR, with some procedural shenanigans involved… might be worth a look.

PLAY PSYCHONAUTS 1 FIRST. With that out of the way…

I literally only own a VR headset because this game convinced me that VR could do something different. It’s a clever side-story that kicks off right where the first game ended. Psychonauts 2 will presumably start right where it ends.

It’s a VR point-and-click. You use classic abilities from the first game as a way to navigate the complex and solve puzzles, and it’s easily a 2-4 hour playthrough that never feels padded. Talking about it makes me wanna replay it now, so thanks.

H3VR is a steal. Get it.

Pavlov is basically my go-to VRFPS otherwise. It’s mechanically solid, looks nice, runs great, and has all the works for a fun online shooter that strikes the perfect balance between serious gameplay and shenanigans. Also, some madman brought in TTT mode, which is the stuff of legend when you’re able to move around your arms and represent your idiotic self with never-before-matched detail.

No, really. TTT Mode makes me wish I had a computer powerful enough to record, as I’ve had some priceless moments involving a clueless shakedown, and I had a moment where I felt like Major Marquis from Hateful Eight as I singled out one guy I trusted and threatened the rest (except that I managed to be wrong about every single one of them). I would yell at them to drop their grenades, then they all awkwardly tumbled around for their grenades, I would fire at them and watch them to see if they reached for a gun, and so on… just amazing stuff.

I got sidetracked gushing about Pavlov TTT mode, so I’ll just kinda list out my other favorites:

  • Redout: Enhanced Edition
  • Serious Sam VR: TFE, TSE, BFE (buy the CroTeam VR bundle)
  • The Talos Principle VR (buy the CroTeam VR bundle)
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

I also used to love Bullets and More (BAM VR) despite its weird performance and sometimes terrible graphics, but I started running into more issues the more I played it. This is mostly down to my low-end system, but I can’t really tell if people play it or not anymore.

I have one more recommendation, even though it’s a bit out-there: buy Quake II on GOG. After that, drag over all the PAK files (and make sure to grab the movies/music, too!) into the files you download from here:

Quake II’s VR sourceport is the stuff of legend. It’s the second-best VR conversion of an old game I’ve seen (Serious Sam just barely wins in that regard for the extra mechanics and viewmodels), and the fact that it’s a fan-made, free project makes its high quality all the more shocking. Just a quick word of warning: I have a bit of an iron stomach in VR, so I had no problem bunnyhopping around by flicking my head back and forth, hurling myself across each room with a super shotgun and the Doomguy grin. This might be a bit much if you’re new to VR! I’d recommend getting accustomed to some other games before jumping into Strogg space.


I’ve heard great things about: Moss on Steam and (hopefully it will come to PC eventually)


Overall I’m not excited for VR and I see it as an expensive and problematic (motion sickness, etc) gimmick. On the other hand I guess it may produce some great experiences. I expect following games to be quite fun with VR (I did not try any of those, so take it with a grain of salt):


I recommend

A “Ludicrously violent” gladiator type game

A kind of stealth game mainly story based and sadly quite short but still amazing.

You can build anything you want in this with excruciating detail great if you like building and personalizeing towns or really anything and adding insane amounts of detail.

If you love just messing around and exploring tiny details developers put into games this is hat you need all about sitting in a office job doing office job things there’s also mechanic chef and cashier.

another gladiator game but with sorcery and a more realistic look

I do not own a vr headset and have never played these games I’ve only seen them. Also I didn’t get to put as much description for each game as I would have like but I don’t have all year so I decided to give a very brief over view and if your interested you can put on more research.
I took Beat Saber and SuperHot VR out of this list because they were already listed but I do Highly recommend both of them


I would say resident evil 7.


I don’t have a VR headset, but I’ve played the PlayStation one once and as soon as I played the only demo game that had actual movement I got motion sick right away. How is it with Pavlov? Is the playerbase just immune to it or do you get used to it? I genuinely want to know.


You are too weak <3


I don’t have a VR. But there are 2 games I want to play some day.

(some gameplay I found)

and Beat Saber that was also suggested.

I want to add that Star Trek VR game. It looks so fun with trustworthy friends that love shenanigans.


I know what you’re looking for, don’t you worry.
Here we go!


The original Contagion was already great, but didn’t gain the necessary traction to pull off. I think it’s one of the few zombie games that has an amazing atmosphere and really recreates that Walking Dead vibe to a tee! If the VR game is half as good it’s worth a shot.


Honestly, I had one motion-sickness related experience in VR. It was when I first played Lucky’s Tale, which was included with my Oculus. I assumed it was the game’s fault, but really you just kind of get used to VR over time. I won’t say that Pavlov always felt great, movement wise… but it never really made me feel sick. My first real motion sickness came from moving around in Quake 1 on a GearVR. Doing my first rocket-jump and getting hit in the face by an Ogre’s grenade (and going cross-eyed as the grenade flew at me) are by far the two most traumatizing experiences I’ve had thus far.

My tips are as follows: keep movement simple, and keep your framerate up. The extra 30 FPS makes a huge difference. Games like Serious Sam VR and H3VR are great because they include several movement methods, and it’s a great way to slowly adjust to more intensive playstyles.

Like I said, the way I play Quake II in VR would make most people lose their minds. HUP HUP HUP HUP




Honey Select in VR is the best experience you can have.:ok_hand:t4:

I saw indigala put up another VR bundle, I have no idea if any of this is good or even interesting, but it is cheap.