Good news for kylehayman361, D&D Games

Good news for you, @kylehayman361. Looks like there may be more Dungeons and Dragons video games coming in the future! Well, this is really good news for all of us!


I didn’t know anything about D&D before I read that, gygex family and death and repurpose of ownership, a new CEO, it could go all the way up or all the way down, hopefully the crowdfunding goes well.


I must say I am on the fence about this, although I have a deep love for third edition dungeons and dragons, first and second edition were not without their charms, but how much do you know about Gygax? I have read through a lot of his work and although it was certainly all interesting, imaginative stuff there were a few things to be worried about…

Interestingly enough it is not Tomb of Horrors that springs to mind “…a D&D adventure created in 1978 for the purposes of testing the wit and fortitude of adventuring parties at game tournaments. “Testing” is used here in the same sense as the sentence “We’ll be testing the dog for rabies.” Let’s just say the subject is not expected to survive the procedure.” Lore Sjöberg Tomb of Horrors - Wikipedia
But instead Gygax’s deep profound love of random number tables…