Good movies

what genre movies do you like

optional titles


I love horror movies and documentaries. I watch other genres but it really depends on my mood with them, but I am always down for some good horror.


you liked watch one thousend corpses,the ring,the chainsaw massacre or the exorcist

i begin watch horror because my sister and my dad

in 10 years old i cant sleep because horror movie

pd:danganronpa series is great


I’m not picky about genre, like I can watch just about any kind of movie…

I haven’t watched any new movies in a long while though…


I’ve watched all those and more. I prefer The Devil’s Rejects to House of 1000 Corpses.
Oh haha just noticed we both have Dangan profile pics. Good taste hehe.

10 seems a bit young for those movies X___x then again I (accidentally) watched Psycho when I was 8 and it traumatized me. Made me scared of having showers until way older than I should have been afraid lol.


Sci-fi is my favorite genre. Sadly, it’s kinda hard to find good movies in that genre because they always go with having a lot of crazy FX and they forget to give it an actual good plot. It’s a shame because when they do have a good plot they’re really amazing movies!


What are some of your favorite sci-fi movies? I forgot to add that to the list of genres I like, I love sci-fi too. District 9 is a fav of mine. And then there are a bunch of sci-fi horror I like as well like Event Horizon and Sunshine. The sci-fi shorts by Oats Studio on YouTube are awesome too, Zygote feels like Dead Space.

Oh I also love found footage movies. Incredibly unappreciated genre. Cloverfield and Chronicle are incredible.


i love the original blair witch you may watch unfriended,unfriended 2 or rec


I never watched unfriended cause the premise was kind of ehhh to me but Rec was excellent and Blair Witch is an absolute classic. A cool fact about Rec → The scene where the man falls from the upper floors down to where all the people are was all real reactions. No one told the actors they were dropping a fake body from there so their reactions were genuine. Must have been so terrifying for them! That’s pretty traumatic. I also watched the american remakes, quarantine. Still good, but not as good as Rec.


Oh yeah District 9 is a great movie!
I’ll mention a classic one and a modern one.
The trilogy of "Back to the Future’ are among my favorites movies of all time! (I guess I mentioned 3 classics technically haha) And for a modern movie that blew my mind I have to mention and I can’t recommend enough “Edge of Tomorrow” (Yeah is about time travel too, I love that kind of movies when is well done) And since we are in the topic, I want to recommend another movie that is not sci-fi (although it revolves around some kind of time traveling too) but is one of my favorite comedies, “Groundhog day”.


jajja you mention the back at the future movies but i never see this movies


Pretty good movie, even though it has Tom Cruise who I just dislike all around. The book it’s based off of, All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, is really good too if you enjoy reading.


Oh I didn’t know that, I will check it out, thanks!