Good job with the new coins idea

I never really understood this site much, as the deals were never too good but now that you offer some other side-quest to collect coins and get bonus coins with purchases to get more games is awesome.

Hope to see some good deals here in the future so I can make some purchases!

Also, good choice on forum software. :smiley:


I agree.
Iโ€™d heard about before, but even though they get some good deals, I was never interested enough to keep checking back for each new sale.
These coins are a perfect skinner box to reward people just for checking to see what the latest deal is, especially because you can collect and exchange them for games all for free.
I really look forward not only to the great deals, but also to redeeming these coins for a free game every so often.


I used the site before and really liked it, but I always forgot to check on it regularly and missed a lot of good deals.
This new coin system gives me enough of a reminder to check every day.


Our evil plan is working! :smiling_imp:

Really though, weโ€™re super glad to hear that people are enjoying it. We have lots of ideas for things to add to make it even more engaging, so keep an eye out. :slight_smile:


Coins are the best thing since itself! :heart_decoration:

Also, donโ€™t forget to check out this thread for a few methods to keep tabs on the daily deals!