Golden Coin icon stays unused after Streak-Event

This has been bugging since the went live:

When I click the “Golden Coin” icon to receive my daily coins, the icon gets this cute little spinning animation and then turns grey.
If I then receive a streak event however (e.g. a 14-day-streak chest), the icon doesn’t turn grey and stays clickable. On clicking I then rightfully get an error notification and the coin turns grey.

It’s really nothing big and purely cosmetical, but I’ve had that happen so many times now, that I decided to post it here.

Using Chrome on Win10 with Ghostery, if that makes a difference.

//edit: A gif of the bug in action: ChronoGG Bug GIF | Gfycat


Interesting, thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into it.


Yeah, that happens with me too, it looks like the coin is still unchecked when you get an unlock of a chest.

Also chrome, windows 10, no ghostery.


I’ve been meaning to report this and kept forgetting because Discourse is so distracting. Thanks, Faxter!


i thought it had been reported earlier, and why i didn’t do it :smile:, figured it was on the cat’s "todo"pile
i’ve seen it on firefox too a couple of times, if that makes any difference :thinking: (usually i just jump straight to the “wallet” after tho, so when refreshes back to the store/main page coin is ofc back to “normal” greyed out)


It has actually been mentioned before. Though it wasn’t a very clear “bug report” and just thrown into a longer post about something I can’t recall anymore.


I figured it had to have come up at some point, but I couldn’t find anything in here.


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thank you :yellow_heart:


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I managed to capture a video of the bug in action. The black bar on the side is a fuck-up on my part - sorry for that. I can provide the video on a different platform if needed.

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…care to elaborate on that tag ? :smile:

I would really like to be able to provide with a cool story for that.
Sadly, those tags are created randomly - it’s becoming more common these days (Twitch uses the same technique for clips).

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Thanks for the vid! We have a fix for this coming out soon.