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GOG will refund your games even after you’ve started playing them



Why link to shitty news site just regurgitating info for profit when you could simply link to the source of the information directly?


Hmm… Good to know they’re monitoring carefully. I imagine there could be a large volume of people who treat this as a “everyone gets one” free game. And with only one game refunded per person, I don’t think it’ll trigger any red flags unless they can track how long a game has been played, which I don’t think they have anything setup like that.


I know that I get the emails from GOG directly. Some people might not.

That being said, lemme go grab my anti static wrist band and tweezers.


Wow I almost forgot about that video, so cringe worthy. Also don’t forget your pocketknife which hopefully has a phillips head screwdriver.
If you don’t know what this is in reference to here is a reupload of the video

and if you are not super knowledgeable on building PCs there are many reaction videos to this like this one