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GOG Updates good news / bad news


by the way it sounds more like direct account activation, sorta like how humble used to do steam keys from bundles earlier, and how uplay does, "link account redeem straight into, no code handed out"
and whether or not gmg is part of the “selected third party platforms” awaits to be seen i suppose


Yes but such a feature would be rather pointless if it wasn’t used by 3rd parties selling gog keys, right? While it’s only my speculation on the whole thing I think it suggests that they will sooner or later start allowing 3rd parties, like gmg, to sell gog keys. (Even if you don’t get the key yourself but rather a direct activation to your account)

And yes the fair pricing scheme is not the same as regional pricing. Regional prices are more often than not set by publishers or devs though, not the store, so things that are currently sold with regional prices is likely to continue doing so.

I might have the wrong idea but I always thought regional pricing was a good thing in general. Wouldn’t “one world one price” mean people in Botswana needing to cough up $60 worth in [regional currency] rather than pay what would be considered the equivalent expense based on local incomes?

I can’t see how regional pricing in these cases is a greed situation, rather the other way around. Publishers willing to allow their games to be sold for far less money in less wealthy nations compared to EU/US countries doesn’t sound like greed to me.




welp :grimacing:
frantically starts backing up entire GoG library :sweat:


Hmm interesting, we’ll investigate. :slight_smile:


This was the exact subject of one of my first posts! I want this sooooo bad! Chrono and GOG together would make an awesome power couple! XD


No need to panic. GOG isn’t going anywhere, they were just a little slow to adapt to the changing market and maybe suffered a bit of collateral damage from Epic Games’ foolish challenge to Steam.

Even if the unthinkable happened and GOG announced closing shop, you would have time to download your games. Anyone remember Desura? Even after they shutdown, you could still download your games for a few months afterward.

They may be a little late to make changes but i believe they’ll make the right choices to stay in the game.

PS: Changed my avatar to show support for GOG.


If GOG were to close down permanently my main site would definitely switch to It’s DRM neutral so DRM can be imposed by the creator if they wish but it isn’t forced to be DRM-free. Which is what I love about GOG, I have zero tolerance for any form of DRM.


you mean like Steam (already) does? :man_shrugging:


Steam is DRM itself.


Steam does not force you/devs to implement a drm or steamworks, it’s entirely optional, and as such there are many games that work without the steam client
you merely need the client for those games as a sort of “download portal” -in that regard just like the epic launcher. a specific download portal does not constitute drm


OK maybe I’m just ignorant on this but something I know for sure is that you don’t own any game on steam. Which is incredibly important at least to me and being void of any kind of ‘Protection’ puts my mind at ease. Also you don’t even need to download Galaxy to get gog games it’s optional. I just feel it’s a more consumer friendly environment. Sorry if I went off topic I just type what I’m thinking so I hope I wasn’t doing too much rambling.


No way. There’s just no way GOG would shut down. Laying people off could be for many reasons, or even no reason at all. It would be a horrible day for gamers and customers everywhere if it should fall.


no, this is a basic misconception. and considering you backup any steam game that is drm free exactly like GoG games, and then run them without the steam client ever again, it’s safe to say you even “own” those/some games more on Steam than you do some places elsewhere

true, but that’s a qol feature (and ofc super easy to run when all games in inventory are drm free)
Epic is drm free (supposedly, “mostly”), but they also require you to download their client, to serve as a download portal, -again download portal=/=drm not the same thing.
think it’s been mentioned many many times before that there are multiple 100% drm free games on steam that you can buy, download, backup and ditch client forever for

-there are even multiple threads on GoG dedicated to the purpose of finding out those games and/or measures to run steamworks games “without running steam”(or less seam)

“Steam” is not drm in itself, the Steamworks features has a drm option -which is optional for devs to wrap their game in. (or they can ofc choose 3rd party drm even :grimacing:)

wouldn’t really say that was much offtopic :wink: (and have you seen 90% of the other thread derailment on the forum by comparison? :rofl:)
-can never ramble too much on Chrono :wink: :hugs:


Maybe I just have a tainted outlook but for me being able to make backups of my games isn’t the only point that matters. It’s that valve has final say if I can access the products I paid for. If I can be locked out of my own account because valve said so that’s unacceptable. Anyway I think I’ve said my piece and I’ll stop crowding the topic and let someone else voice their opinions!
PS. Sorry if I seem obnoxious or arrogant that wasn’t my intention, I just love video games and put them first. Hopefully that makes sense. :grinning:


That’s very true, @CreatureFeet. GOG, formerly called Good Old Games, used to scream to the treetops…DRM Free for OLD games. I got all the Myst games there and a bunch of old stuff when they first started.

Forgot about Creatures…got them too


If you’re really looking for a good comparison when it comes to GOG’s “direct link” system, it’ll probably be like Greenman Gaming keys for uPlay. As of now, you log into uPlay the same way you would log into unaffiliated sites with Steam info, then it’ll apply the package to your account.


Clearly you just need to buy all the games now before it ends.


Yeah, too bad I’ve been struggling with money IRL. So… absolutely not happening.

I have no time to play games either anyways. I’m sadder on a global level because I know how many people depend on this to get their games.


I understand. I just wanted to try and make light of a situation that kinda sucks. It’s really unfortunate that a business practice that is really so good for international consumers has been deemed no longer viable.