GOG Updates good news / bad news

What do you want first?
The fair price program is ending, so now all prices will be unfair. No that’s not quite the case. But they used to be very good at regional pricing at their own expense which they appear to now have deemed to be unsustainable. That’s unfortunate, especially for our South-American friends. You still have until end of March to grab anything you’ve been hoping to get before prices go up.

Now the good news then.
By the sound of it GOG is going to start allowing 3rd parties to activate keys to GOG accounts. Gog keys have already existed of course and while I have not seen any legitimate 3rd party store sell them this might be a step in that direction. Soon maybe we’ll see some GOG options for bundles and 3rd party stores and maybe even for Chrono.gg?

For now they’re talking about “selected third party platforms” @lonin try to get on that list maybe?


yea i’ve always wondered how they kept managing that, even for the “measly” 1$/1€ conversion it could potentially add up quite a bit in the long run, couldn’t even imagine other places that had actual worse/bad 1:1 rates in game pricing of how much that could have been

if they get publishers on board with that fully for all games/their catalogue, that would really be amazing,
i know it might sound weird af, but i prefer GoG drm free/download method vs Humble. Tho since humble already run their own download service they might not bother to jump on with it -but would be pretty awesome if they did.
Tho since third party keys would likely mean GoG don’t exactly share in the sale the same way as when bought on their own store, i think in manner of “support” might probably still be best to just buy direct there when able/sale/“price matches”
But otherwise, being able to possibly get GoG keys from "X"store as an option would be awesome to start filling up the GoG library that way :yum:

if Chrono can work your magic for this, i recall posts that make it seem like others would enjoy that, and myself wouldn’t be disappointed either if this was became an actual option :blush:


I don’t really use GOG so I have no clue about their service compared to their competitors but reading that press release it seems like a genuine thing to do, and is confirmed by their comments in the forum.

Is there any source on GOG keys being made available to resellers?


No source I can link, it’s mentioned in an email about their updated User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

We want to let you know about few changes: (1) We’re adding a new functionality - GOG Direct to Account that will enable partnered platforms to activate, directly on your GOG.COM account, content purchased via these selected third party platforms

You might be able to find the updated parts somewhere here if you want to go digging.

Here it is.

Direct to Account Distribution
6.8 We have a direct to account distribution feature (we’ll call it ‘GOG Direct to Account) where distribution platforms who partner with us would be able to sell games or other content to you, where you could choose for that game/content to be automatically activated within your GOG account, without the need to redeem any codes. Just to be clear, the whole purchase process is handled by the other platform, so in case of any issues with the purchase process please speak with them directly. We say a little bit more about this in the Refunds and Returns section below. Of course, anything connected to our platform’s services is still our responsibility.


All I wanted was GOG Galaxy on Linux.

This sucks.

EDIT: This user and many others have a fair point on the problems of Regional Pricing etc, especially considering GOG used to have that cornerstone philosophy of “One World, One Price.”

However, as it stands, the truth for me is I can’t buy games without regional pricing. So, practically, that’s that.


wait, don’t GoG have regional pricing for Brazil like steam does?
i thought this only affected their fair pricing model, not regional pricing (ie 1$not equal 1€, so eu residents got X cashback for equal $/€ priced titles)
where as if a game cost 60$ NA/EU, but 25$us (into BRL) regional price, then that’s already fair, no?
tho ofc if gog don’t have brazil/X territory regional pricing unlike other places then that is a bit of a shame indeed


Well, to be honest, it is a wonder how they managed the fair price for as long as they have. Astonishing, actually. Even with it ending, the site is still superior to most (and in my opinion, many ways to Steam).

As for the good news, does this mean they will be officially giving out keys to places like GMG etc? That would be incredible!


by the way it sounds more like direct account activation, sorta like how humble used to do steam keys from bundles earlier, and how uplay does, “link account redeem straight into, no code handed out”
and whether or not gmg is part of the “selected third party platforms” awaits to be seen i suppose


Yes but such a feature would be rather pointless if it wasn’t used by 3rd parties selling gog keys, right? While it’s only my speculation on the whole thing I think it suggests that they will sooner or later start allowing 3rd parties, like gmg, to sell gog keys. (Even if you don’t get the key yourself but rather a direct activation to your account)

And yes the fair pricing scheme is not the same as regional pricing. Regional prices are more often than not set by publishers or devs though, not the store, so things that are currently sold with regional prices is likely to continue doing so.

I might have the wrong idea but I always thought regional pricing was a good thing in general. Wouldn’t “one world one price” mean people in Botswana needing to cough up $60 worth in [regional currency] rather than pay what would be considered the equivalent expense based on local incomes?

I can’t see how regional pricing in these cases is a greed situation, rather the other way around. Publishers willing to allow their games to be sold for far less money in less wealthy nations compared to EU/US countries doesn’t sound like greed to me.




welp :grimacing:
frantically starts backing up entire GoG library :sweat:


Hmm interesting, we’ll investigate. :slight_smile:


This was the exact subject of one of my first posts! I want this sooooo bad! Chrono and GOG together would make an awesome power couple! XD


No need to panic. GOG isn’t going anywhere, they were just a little slow to adapt to the changing market and maybe suffered a bit of collateral damage from Epic Games’ foolish challenge to Steam.

Even if the unthinkable happened and GOG announced closing shop, you would have time to download your games. Anyone remember Desura? Even after they shutdown, you could still download your games for a few months afterward.

They may be a little late to make changes but i believe they’ll make the right choices to stay in the game.

PS: Changed my avatar to show support for GOG.


If GOG were to close down permanently my main site would definitely switch to itch.io. It’s DRM neutral so DRM can be imposed by the creator if they wish but it isn’t forced to be DRM-free. Which is what I love about GOG, I have zero tolerance for any form of DRM.


you mean like Steam (already) does? :man_shrugging:


Steam is DRM itself.


Steam does not force you/devs to implement a drm or steamworks, it’s entirely optional, and as such there are many games that work without the steam client
you merely need the client for those games as a sort of “download portal” -in that regard just like the epic launcher. a specific download portal does not constitute drm


OK maybe I’m just ignorant on this but something I know for sure is that you don’t own any game on steam. Which is incredibly important at least to me and being void of any kind of ‘Protection’ puts my mind at ease. Also you don’t even need to download Galaxy to get gog games it’s optional. I just feel it’s a more consumer friendly environment. Sorry if I went off topic I just type what I’m thinking so I hope I wasn’t doing too much rambling.


No way. There’s just no way GOG would shut down. Laying people off could be for many reasons, or even no reason at all. It would be a horrible day for gamers and customers everywhere if it should fall.