GOG St. Patrick's Day Sale (Ends on March 19)

Happy early St. Patrick’s day everybody!!

You can buy “Hats” for ~3$ (A mystery game basically) so post If you get lucky ^^


Check out what people already got from the hats here!


Say NO to lootbox / gambling


I decided to give one a try, just for kicks. I think I failed to understand what I was getting into. I’m not buying a hat for a game, I’m buying a hat for a deal on a random game. So now that I have paid my $3 I now feel forced to purchase said game.

ok scrap that I guess it is a game. I clicked the game when I opened my hat and it showed me the store page, so I thought that’s what was going on


Welp, glad to see that so I can know it doesn’t seem worth it.


I agree… while some people may be happy with the result, $3 can get you plenty of stuff that you at least know ahead of time what it is.

While there’s excitement, sweaty palms, anticipation, and high hopes, there is bound to be disappointment and regret as well.

I understand if you are swimming in money, this is not an issue, but I assume that’s not the case with most of us here…


GOG featuring lootboxes as part of their last few sales has me reluctant to buy games from them at all, even non-lootbox ones, because I do not want to support companies with predatory business practices if I can help it. GOG used to be “the good guys” ;_;

I’m fine with the fact that the lootboxes feature mainly low-value games, if anything I’m happier for it - the less hope people have, the less disappointed they’ll feel. However, I feel that lootboxes are inherently predatory even when the user knows their chances of getting something of enough value to them are very low. Even in the ideal scenario where there’s a full list of games with exact probabilities, the allure is there, and that’s what lootboxes prey on.


I don’t feel that the GOG lootboxes are at all predatory, they’re just not for me. There is no losing on these things, no game in there is valued less than the asking price and there is nothing in there that you can’t get otherwise.

If I didn’t already have an awful lot of games and wanted something random for cheap then I would probably buy a couple of these and just play what I ended up with. As is though chances are high I’ll get something I already own and since I have too many games already I have no need for anything new anyway.

There are properly predatory business practices out there, applying that label to everything we don’t personally enjoy waters it down and helps the real villains blend in with the crowd.



I’m a sucker for gambling. I actually got lucky and pulled :

I know the last event like this I pulled some garbo game, but I’m quite satisfied with this!

Queue song :


Looks like a quality game, seems like you lucked out! :slight_smile:

I go buy a lottery ticket every once in a while too, but not too often. I am not surprised when I don’t win. But that’s because of low expectations…

I just am not a gambler… Last year I spent a whole week in Las Vegas… I was walking in and out of casinos every day. I went to a slot machine, sat at a card table, etc a total of zero times… I was just so not interested… :rofl:


I look at gambling as entertainment not a “Going to WIN IT BIG!!” kind of experience. I remember learning to play cards at a really young age because of Intellivision’s Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack. I also loved the crap out of Vegas Stakes for NES. When I turned 21 I blew like 500$ in the first 20 minutes at Atlantic City then I was done and walked around the board walk (where a seagull stole my damn funnel cake THEY ARE RELENTLESS)

That’s probably why I don’t mind the loot crate / box culture too much, especially if its just aesthetics. It’s just kind of fun and games for me, or like a game in a game. I really don’t bother with the lottery though, but I do get that scratch off card itch here and there. If I wasn’t finally getting better from a nasty bout of bronchitis, I’d prolly test that luck and get one.