GOG is giving Mount and Blade for FREE

I’m not really a promoter of GOG but for those who have not yet owned or played the FIRST Mount and Blade, then this is your chance to try it. GOG is giving away the game for FREE. I don’t know how long will this giveaway last though so if you haven’t played this game yet, you can get it now.

So here’s my two cents on the game and also, I am a fanboy of this game so you can try to not taking what I’m saying seriously.

The game is basically an open world (not modern day “open world” but actual “open world”) sandbox action medieval rpg game. You play as a custom created mercenary character who fights with medieval weapons (swords, maces, lances, etc) in either a first person or third person you. You can decide to be the most wanted man in all factions, work for a faction, OR start you OWN FACTION.

The graphics of the first game is a bit dated now (but some really great mods can make it look good) and the gameplay might not feel as refined as its newer counterparts.

Speaking of counterparts, there were 2 games released after the first one called “M&B: Warband” and “M&B: With Fire and Sword”. Also the 'numbered" sequel, M&B 2: Bannerlords is still in development BUT a ot of progress has been made and it has amde a lot of fanboys like me want it to be out now.

EDIT: Main reason I’m doing this? I love the game. Simple as that.


Man I was a huge fan of Mount and Blade back in the day. Looking forward to what they do next.

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If you haven’t seen Bannerlords, might as well do a quick YouTube search and prepare to not cream your pants