Got my invite to the closed Beta earlier. Very much like Playnite so far. Not bad. Keep it up, GOG!


I like GOG. Second to Steam for me. (tho I’ll always buy on Steam cause of my “need” to have it all in the same account lol)

Just taking the chance to say support GOG, fuuuuck Epic.


I don’t think it is possible but i would love to have all the store fronts on there too. so you can even get new games there without opening other launchers or websites.


The vast majority of the games I have bought are through Steam; but I actually don’t like just one company cornering the market and having a monopoly. I live in a small city in the UK. It has had it’s own Phone company that was not part of the national one. Was great when dial-up internet started. I was getting 7 hours uninterrupted internet before losing connection while people in BT land got cut off after 2. Companies are free to lease the cables from the company here but none do. They just wouldn’t make any money from it. So, my internet is more expensive than the rest of country. Have to say though, the fibre has been good since I got it. It’s straight to my door as well, not the cabinet. Zooom! Sorry, what where we talking about again? :wink:


The question I still have, because GOG’s wording is ambiguous, is: will GOG 2.0 keep your steam games up to date? All they say is you have to have the other launchers installed, not whether GOG 2.0 will handle update management (presumably through silently running the other launchers in the background?)


I’d honestly love to be excited about this. This is exactly what I hoped out of GOG…

But even though porting Galaxy to Linux is the nº1 feature request in their website for YEARS now, they haven’t moved an inch. Neither towards porting it nor towards open-sourcing it.

It makes me really upset as GOG goes by the very values I admire the most in a game retail store, making their games DRM-free and all that.

I guess this is one of the main dilemmas of being a Linux gamer: do I support Steam for their continued Proton development and making Windows games available on Linux or do I support GOG for providing DRM-free games?

Tough choice.

I’ll be excited when GOG Galaxy FINALLY comes to Linux. :penguin:

(still thanks for sharing the screenshot, it looks hella cool! I don’t want to throw cold water on anyone else’s fire especially because most gamers are on Windows and this is great news for anyone who uses that OS! :blush:)


You could ask them on their Twitter or support via the website. I think it might handle updating at one point, too. Just seems like something they’d cover.


It seems I never got my invite even though I signed up for the beta awhile ago. Any idea why that is?


I think they’re giving out invite in stages. Started a few days ago. I got mine today.


Nice one, @EyeQue. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Now comes the wait.


I have it too and it’s worked without crashes or any weirdness.

Does need a few more features, like I like to open another manager, separately to uninstall a game. Still it’s pretty good to just pick something and play. :slight_smile:


Yay, finally got my invite email. Pretty easy to sync accounts and import all your games. Nice that when you go to add friends it shows all their user names on each platform, too bad almost none of my steam friends have connected to GOG lol. So far I definitely like it and look forward to the updates to fix some of these known issues. Now I just need to figure out how to sync my Twitch prime account to it.


Hey guys, if you like you can add me on GOG. Same name as here on Chrono.

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