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GOG Connect New Titles December 2019


You will find the following titles as available options:

I was able to claim Bad North and Chasm from the list for my GOG library. :smiley:


Oh meow! I need to activate Chasm. >> I don’t own or know the others.

Edit: Chasm won’t connect up. Will have to try in an hour I guess.


Bedtime but GOG isn’t seeing Chasm on my Steam. Any suggestions?


Give it some time…

Try again tomorrow.

If not, check GOG support, they usually respond within 24 hours, and are friendly. They will fix it for you. You still have 4 Days or so to figure it out. Sweat not.


you need to have both profile and game details set to public, then you need to refresh on gog after giving it a bit of time


It wouldn’t be the first time though that their connections were failing. Stellaris, famously, was one of them (of course you could argue it was due to a lot of people coming in from free trials, it was also failing for people who never had them).

If you properly set up your accounts, turn off all privacy hiding options on both GOG and Steam, clear cache on your browser (or try a new browser entirely) and refresh with the button. In about 4 hours it should reset and see your game library and add it to your GOG inventory. That was how it always worked for me, anyhow.

Hopefully it just needs to do some catch up! :+1:


It took a while for me to get Chasm…but it finally took.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Thanks, guys! My profile on Steam is always public, so that wasn’t the issue. It just refused to work yesterday, but tried it just now and it’s all good. ^^


I hope they add a few more titles before it is over, of which a few if not one I actually own. Perhaps…maybe Stellaris? :joy: GIMME MY STELLARIS BACKUP, PLEASE GOG-SAMA. :laughing: