GOG Connect and GOG Clelebrate Chinese New Year Sale

Make sure you get your FREE(Last Paragraph) games, If you have them on STEAM. I am sick so I just "copy/pasted this…Enjoy!

"Joy and prosperity! We wish you great games and happiness, and hope that these words stay with you in 2018 and beyond – in the Year of the Dog.

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival… regardless of what you call it, it calls for celebration! And so we bring hundreds of deals on games you should play in The Year of the Dog, a game giveaway, new GOG Connect wonders, and spectacular Flash Deals for that long-missing thrill of the hunt.
Check the dedicated FAQ for more details.

Come by the GOG.com front page and grab King of Fighters 2002 – free for 48 hours, until February 15, 2 PM UTC. A classic NeoGeo arcade fighter, King of Fighters 2002 is beloved for its broad roster of fighters and intense competitive gameplay, earning it a spot in the “Top Ten Video Game List” by Japan’s arcade-gaming magazine, Monthly Arcadia.

Remember Flash Deals? They’re back on GOG.com! Relive the anticipation, the satisfaction, that feeling when you get a ridiculous deal right before it’s gone. Flash Deals come and go every hour – starting with Deus Ex GOTY Edition (-85%), Vikings - Wolves of Midgard (-70%), This War of Mine Soundtrack Edition (-80%), Thief Gold (-85%), and Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition Deluxe (-80%).
Look out for more sudden bursts of savings with Tropico 5 (-80%), Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe (-65%), Thimbleweed Park (-30%), Icewind Dale: EE (-80%) and many more popping up throughout the sale!

Plus hundreds more deals all throughout our Chinese New Year celebrations, including Hellblade (-30%), Stardew Valley (-33%), Cuphead (-15%), Divinity: Original Sin 2 (-10%), lest we forget The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-60%), and more as cheap as 90% off.

Through the magic of GOG.com/connect we bring you your games… but DRM-free! Visit GOG.com/connect, connect your Steam account, and claim DRM-free editions of Tropico 4, HuniePop, Unreal Tournament, Orwell, The Sexy Brutale, Mount & Blade, and several others."


Thanks for the heads up, I hope you get better > <

Stay hydrated :sparkling_heart:


Anyone having issues reaching GOG via chrome?
Seems to work no problem in firefox for me, but chrome times out for no reason that I can discern.


nah works fine


I should never post stuff when I am sick. I miss things…Make sure you pick up the free game available for less than 48 hours.

“Come by the GOG.com front page and grab King of Fighters 2002 – free for 48 hours, until February 15, 2 PM UTC.”


get well soon delenn :hugs:

and thx for the reminder, i completely overlooked the gog Connect this time lol :star_struck:: 5 games, NOICE!


Thanks! And feel better! <3


Did somebody say GOG sale?

[Dives into a pile of newly bought jank-ass RPGs nobody’s heard of]


what’cha get?! what’cha get!? :smiley:


It’s looking like ELEX and Anachronox right now. I just had to double check if ELEX was fully updated on Steam. All clear! :slight_smile:

I found out about Anachronox less than 24 hours ago, so the fact that it went on sale less than a day after I put it on my wishlist is fairly amusing to me.

Also, I’m pleased to see that Darksiders III and BioMutant have full GOG pages!


i’m curious just how janky ELEX turns out to be in your opinion :smile:


Biomutant looks interesting…


I’m curious as well. It seems to be PB’s most accessible game by far, so I’m pretty excited to try it out.

They seem to be a competent AA studio, but Risen just looks dreadful to play imo. It seems like they’ve really stepped up their game since the latest consoles came out (plus they’re not publishing under Deep Silver anymore), and I have to say… ELEX is visually just beautiful to look at. Some of the animations are weak, sure, but visually? The environments are just fantastic. There’s an interesting article I read by the lead environment artist, it details a lot of the changes from Risen 3 to ELEX in terms of both their design process and the tools they used.


Ay, thanks for mentioning Chinese New Year, barely anyone knows it, and my family just celebrated it yesterday.


Dungeons 2 is free on GOG. The deal ends in 48 hours.


LOL…Plus check GOG.com