Gog.com Halloween sale and 29 new GOGConnect titles.

Halloween sales are probably my least favourite sale events, not particularly fond of horror games in general and these events tend to focus on them. But there are other titles on offer as well.

There’s also a few new titles added to the connect program, which you can grab here:


Actually, it’s much more than 3 new games. Perhaps you just happened to have three of those in your Steam library? If all of the games displayed in the GoG Connect page are newly added (as this Reddit post claims), there are indeed 29 new GoG Connect games available!

I personally got 4 new games on GoG thanks to this: POSTAL: Classic & Uncut, Dracula 4+5, The Void and Hand of Fate. Not too shabby! Will have to see if the number goes up thanks to the upcoming Steam Halloween sale, SOMA is quite tempting.

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Thanks for the heads up!! Just recently discovered GoG connect, so i’ve missed out on a lot of titles… got 11 transferred today though, so much appreciated!

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Not bad at all, already had the first Amnesia and TWD S1 added.

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Love you GOG! Thanks @Fraggles :smiley:

meh, it’s buggin out for me this time, not registering some games owned on steam, -despite refreshing multiple times,
bit of a bummer not getting “full value” of this freebie offer for some reason
oh well,
-i’ll settle happily for the 6 games i did get :blush:

:heart: you GOG ! :hugs:

Have you ever played those missing games? If not, try to launch them even once.

as it turns out i haven’t played/launched the missing games (tho plenty of the others i hadn’t either),
will try to do that then refresh again later (praise Ct’thon for speedy internet) :joy:

everyone has fun games :o :’(

Steam has started a halloween sale as well now. But I’ve noticed that for several titles in my wish list GOG is actually cheaper by about 1€ or so, sometimes more. Might be worth keeping in mind if you’re not hellbent on having everything on steam only.

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oh look, steam tells me i can get Aliens: Colonial Marines for the “great price” of 8.99

-ahahahahahahahahaha! :joy:

yep, and besides cheaper prices, sometimes on a select few games you even get that “cash back” thingy,
so if there was a local price /msrp difference they add the difference to your GOG wallet -not often. But still enough to have surprised me a couple of times,:smile:
(and then spend the wallet on another game) :blush:

in short; GOG :+1:

Oh wow, now that is a spooky deal.

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