GOG Back to School Sale/Flash Sale and Free games on GOG Connect-Just Added MORE!

GOG Connect allows Steam users to join the DRM-free gaming movement by connecting their accounts to GOG.COM, receiving DRM-free copies of eligible Steam games! We’ll be offering the following titles initially, with more added as the week goes on:

  • Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business
  • MDK
  • King of Dragon Pass
  • For the Glory
  • Tempest
    For those who forgot how to use GOG connect:

Yea me! I got 2 games!


@coralinecastell how is gog for your currency conversions woes?

I remember you wanting this game and this is a pretty good discount.


Darn, don’t have any of those games on my Steam account. Still, always love it when they put games on connect! :blush: now to search through the GOG sale!


Hey @Fraggles don’t wanna get to personal about my woes, but I’m going through some monetary issues atm.

AKA I have no money. Eating less and shitz.

Anyways, I’m hopefully going to get paid soon and life will sort itself out… Perhaps it’s for the best that I have such a huge backlog already. :joy:

thanks so much for thinking of me. :yellow_heart:


i literately have no eligible games found.


They just added Shadowrun Returns to GOG Connect(Another freebie for me!):

They have had some awesome deals on their Flash Deals. They change every hour: Don’t even want to think about the ones I missed while sleeping. But it doesn’t matter at the time…All I got in my wallet is moths. :sob: