GOG Announces Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. Out October 23rd.

Excuse me what?!

That subtitle makes me think it’s gonna be something short and story based like Telltale does. It Would probably reveal to much if we knew who’s developing it.

I still haven’t finished Witcher 3 yet. :cold_sweat:


Thronebreaker is a single player role-playing game set in the world of The Witcher that combines narrative-driven exploration with unique puzzles and card battle mechanics.

I see. So it will sort of be like Dissidia’s PS4 title, where you do a card battle and or puzzles and then after a certain amount of “battles” you get a CGI movie, or probably in Thronebreaker’s case, a cartoon styled narrative? Or is it more like Witcher 3 but with limited “exploration range” based on bard battles that unlock those movies?

Whatever. More Witcher is good either way. And if it sticks to the lore of the books and the games, even better.

Gwent with a plot?


If it’s that it’ll surely be dissappointing to play. A bit like Arkana 4: Fall of Serratif, which was around…what? 4h? and super linear.

I honestly wouldn’t expect anything more than about 4-6 hours long. Definitely not anything more than an episode’s length of a Telltale’s game. They haven’t been working on this very long, and their main focus since the conclusion (and even before) Witcher 3 has been Cyberpunk 2077. This was a side project to Gwent, after all.

If those short hours can knock people’s socks off, it’ll be great.

Yes, it should be the new story mode for Gwent.

I’d buy it, if it’s on Steam… :rofl:

EDIT: I haven’t finished “The Witcher” 1 yet, but I’m on it.

Witcher 1 does not compare to W3 or even W2, personally I

hate W1
think W2 has potential but an awful fighting system
Love W3

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I play games in chronological order. I cannot start Witcher 2 before i finished 1. I cant even think about Witcher 3 yet. Yes, the fighting system is… unique, but once you get used to it and accept that its not just another game like all the others, its… just… meh and ok.

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You don’t really need to play the previous games in order to understand The Witcher 3, and to some extent it’s even better to go in blind.

Trust me. I really do. :smile:

OMG; this did actually come out on Steam though i totally expected it not to, so i might play this one day!


It’d be odd if it didn’t. I guess the assumption is because it being a spinoff, could mean it would be GOG exclusive. But yeah, an interesting direction to evolve Gwent towards. Based on the part of Witcher 3 i actively ignored, so most likely just gonna leave it be for now.

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well, not exactly, given that Gwent isn’t coming to Steam and numerous outlets had reported Thronebreaker wouldn’t come to Steam either; and lots of ppl expect Cyberpunk not to release on Steam either as that could be THE exclusive which GOG needs to attract millions more


GoG is having some/a few timed exclusive stuff lately, guess that applies to their own games ?(or maybe they realized they simply couldn’t hit close to the numbers they needed without steam?),
what i saw people “quick mention” tho was; “how the heck is this gonna work without gwent?” but i’m gonna assume Steam version THronebreaker can still link/tie into the Gwent game np, otherwise it seems very silly to release like that without a Gwent Steam version too :thinking: :man_shrugging:

considering Witcher 3 remained on Steams top seller list for years, sale after sale, it might be a bad/risky move they found and aren’t willing to take to do a true 100% GoG exclusive with their paid games


Really didn’t expect this to come to Steam either. Surprising that it has…but onto my wishlist it goes, right behind the GOTY version of Witcher 3*. Some day Geralt…shakes fist to the sky; some day…

*For some reason you can’t wishlist the GOTY version of W3 but it’s there in spirit!