GMG GamesAid 50 Game Charity Bundle 2018 $50,-, €50,-,£50,-

Warning–These games may not be available in your region, so please check thoroughly before you decide to purchase!

There’s three things you need to know about the GamesAid Charity Bundle:

  1. There’s 50 games in it, good games, games that are too good to be in a bundle.
  2. It’s 50 pounds/dollars/euros, meaning you’re saving 90% over buying all these games individually.
  3. It’s for charity! 100% of all profits will be going straight to GamesAid. Who are GamesAid? You can find out here.
    So that’s awesome games, for less, and you can buy them with a clean conscience as all the profits will be helping those in need. You can’t do better than that.

Ballistic Overkill
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
Beat Cop
Beyond Eyes
Bomber Crew
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror Fate
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate
Crusader Kings II
Dead Age
Evil Genius
Fahrenheit Remastered
Frozen Synapse Prime
Human Fall Flat
Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate
Killing Floor
LEGO Batman
Manual Samuel
Metal Gear Rising
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain
Mount and Blade
Mount and Blade Warband
Mount and Blade With Fire & Sword
Mystery Bundle
Next Up Hero
Puzzle Chronicles
Rocket Knight
Serial Cleaner
Sniper Elite 3
Stable Orbit
Super Cloudbuilt
Teleglitch Die More Edition
The Black Death
The Flame In The Flood
The Little Acre
This War of Mine
Tower 57
Toybox Turbo
Warhammer End Times Vermintide
War Tech Fighters


Are these all separate keys or a single key? In other words, if I buy this, can I give some of the games to a friend, even if I don’t already own them?


From what I have read they are all seprate keys


Might just be worth it for the Castlevania series and Metal Gear. But 50£ is quite a lot more than 50€ and I don’t know why GMG is charging me in £.


My thoughts on stuff, mostly for myself but maybe it’ll be useful for others? Or maybe me if u can change my mind on stuff :3

This War of Mine - tried on mobile, bored me asap
Beat Cop - not a fan of this kind of pixel graphics…looks interesting besides that
Tower 57 - afaik 8 way twinstick shooter, I see no reason to make anything like this 8 way instead of 360°…surely cool for COOP
ADR1FT - a space walking sim
Quarantine - looks boring but I’m not into sims without anything visually happening
Human Fall Flat - headache inducing, cute puzzle/adventure
The Flame in the Flood - was free before, haven’t tried it yet
Bomber Crew - sounded super stressful to me
Serial Cleaner - how funny /s might still be enjoyable, I just don’t buy any of those games ever since that clean up sim
Manual Samuel - point & click, looks okay
Warhammer: Vermintide End Times - was in some bundle before, think I traded it away? Might even still have a copy lol
The Little Acre - apparently a mediocre P&C adventure, looks cute tho
The Black Death - looked SO COOL when it was released, it’s strictly online tho so I guess it’ll die soon-ish
War Tech Fighters - looks sorta like a worse Strike Suit infinity
Dead Age - looks shoddy, I do remember some mechanic being broken which made me put it onto my uninterested list…

Mount and Blade Warband - apparently a HUGE and great game, not my cup of tea
Mount and Blade - ^
Mount and Blade: Beyond Eyes - ^

Killing Floor - so old and so bloody :frowning:
Toybox Turbos - looks like a neat mario kart games
RAGE - looks cool, plays very clunky
Insurgency - was free recently, my first and only match was ping 50 with unlimited lag rofl
LEGO Batman the Videogame - it’s lego, def. cool
F.E.A.R. 3 - horror :frowning:
Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - brawler without char creation :frowning:
Batman: Arkham Asylum - cool game def
Biozone - can’t find this on Steam???

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition - def looks interesting
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Digital Bundle - ^
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD - ^

I swear they put the better games lower

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - amazing, even if worse than they could have done
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - a demo for MGS V: PP
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - hated it, it’s about button mashing?

Puzzle Chronicles - can’t find this either, sounds good tho
Rocket Knight - not on my steam…
Stable Orbit - boring
Magicka - never enjoyed this, very popular and old tho
Crusader Kings II - Oh wow apparently I own this
Teleglitch Die More Edition - super simplistic, too simplistic imho
Frozen Synapse Prime - not my cup of tea
Super Cloudbuilt - very cool speedrunner
Ballistic Overkill - very good fun for like 5 bucks usually (has a ton of flaws balancewise but still fun)
Next Up Hero - looks like a great concept, reviews say it’s crap
InnerSpace - a flying walking sim? looks beautiful
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - a classic of adventure game
Evil Genius - wow this is old
Sniper Elite 3 - I love shooters and I can’t enjoy this, it’s the most repetitive shooter ever

Summary: Maybe 20-30€ worth of good games, 50€ is really expensive unless you rly wanted all of these :confused:

I do have Vermintide for trade, if anybody has something for me :slight_smile:


This is a really good list… But I am not sure if I am up for shelling out 50 dollars for it…

If they separated this into 5 x 10 dollar bundles, I would probably buy at least two of them, given the titles available…


Damn I want those Castlevania games. They are not cheap even on sale.


me too… Castlevania…and MGS…

:slight_smile: I think most of us are eyeing Castlevania…


Please add a regional tag or info on which countries this is available in, if possible! :blush:

As far as I can tell, it ain’t available in South A, my dudes.


unfortunately i own way too many of those games already :blush:


Drat… curses for being broke.

Also, I really like the addition of a mystery game, it is just an intriguing concept for a charity thing. Anybody know how long it will be sticking around?

Also, I thought serial cleaner looked amazing in the game trailers… Has anyone tried it?


Do I have something right up YOUR alley, have you heard about indiegala golden flash giveaways? You can get random mystery games every week!


I suppose I should say, that I like the addition of a random game into a game bundle. I think it offers an interesting bonus for people who buy the 50 games (already a great deal) and allows the charity to use keys that they were given in smaller numbers from different sources.

I am familiar with indiegala things… it isn’t for me.