Giving away Batman stuffs (Closed)

Alright so been seeing people do a couple of giveaways here recently, aaand just so happens i just accidentally purchased something i already owned, which means i have a spare steam key for:
Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City; GOTY respectively (1 of each)
so figured why not try give it away, see what happens, since i’ve never tried that before (don’t usually happen to buy stuff i already own lol)
So yea, have 1 key for each game, don’t ask for it unless you actually want/need it, in case some other poor chap could have used it instead
No idea how i’m gonna decide, first-come-first-serve or random selection, how to even go about it… will see
make your choice and pick one and i’ll PM whoever gets it


I’d like it so much

I’d love Arkham city! Can’t afford to buy it but really interested in playing it!

wow that was fast, and easy i guess, 1 key each i suppose, since @Primoedu didn’t specify which would like gonna assume Asylum is ok and send City to @epicz47


Thanks man! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yeah. Asylum is great of course. Thank you very much.