Giveaway or something like that (SHOP CLOSED)

Well i have some staked coins and i don’t need them or more like there isn’t any game i want so if u want any of the listed games reply to me and i will reply with a cd key of the game u choose :slight_smile:

UPDATE: 2750 coins only that means can’t get anything expensive sry :frowning:

This suddenly turned into a somewhat huge giveaway thx to @pulling3r
And also we learned something today if ur gonna make a giveaway PM (Private massage) the keys xD


Could I have Garfield karts if possible.
Many thanks


I would be very thankful if you are willing to spend the coins for a Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 key for me!


I’d like Sniper: Ghost warrior 2 as well, thank you.


Here you go VMI2Q-JILVD-RDKG0

Here you go P4IDZ-YP0QL-W40KL

for the love of all that is sacred, PM key rewards!
otherwise all, including drive-by users, or bots, can see it and will very likely snag it…


Shit did’t think of that
Plan B do nothing and pray they dont steal it those motherfuckers

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Thanks for trying but the key was swiped before I got to it. :expressionless:


aww sry well my fault should have Private massaged you the key

It is probably safe to assume that both got taken by now :frowning:
Thank you for trying to give us games for free Nagisa Shiota!
And dang if you only had enough coins to help get rid of Super Duper Party Pooper from the store :stuck_out_tongue:


That no problem, these things happen.
Hopefully the person that took it will play it and not try and sell it or trade it on.

Thinking about it, it must have been redeemed. lol

Still not nice people to take it though.


They were registered to a steam account so they can’t be sold at least.


They can sell the cd key on G2A and other websites but still doesn’t matter now

Yeah shit happens

Did you manage to redeem the key Fraggles?


How do you suggest to sell a key on G2A when the key has been used? I tried register both keys myself and got the duplicate key activation error, meaning someone has registered them.
@pulling3r no.

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Sry i misunderstood you @Fraggles

If it is not too much trouble, may I have the key for Ultimate Chicken Horse? I do wish to play that with my siblings.

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That’s very nice of you. I have always wanted to give Besiege a go, that’d be great thank you. Send the key as a private message this time though : )

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