Giveaway- A story about my uncle (ENDED)

hello, I have a spare steam key for the following game:

ask for it in this thread if you want it


I would definitely be interested in that game. The platforming mechanics seem like they would be a lot of fun and the fact that it is a non-violent game with an emphasis on story and atmosphere is icing on the cake. :cake:

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ok done


It’s the quick and the dead around here


Sorry? :pensive: That’s true, it was very quick.

@anti92 Thank you again. :purple_heart:

Turns out I wouldn’t have been interested it’s just funny that between refreshes this was posted and closed.

You are a worthy winner giving games away yourself so I’m glad.

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Aw, thank you. :purple_heart: It is a bit funny, I hadn’t even moved my mouse all the way to the top of the page to leave the thread before the response was posted and title changed. :laughing:

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