Ghostwriter Adventures (read the PS too)

The idea is to write a story based on some random event, not about yourself, but about someone else here on Chrono. I got inspired by a post yesterday and felt kinda bad for joking about it. I stopped writing a while ago, but well, let’s give this a shot.

Someone will write a story leaving some blanks for the one it’s written to, to fill in. That’s why it’s a Ghostwriter thread, sorta, lol.

I’m happy to share this creation space with you, but I also must needs make a few …


  1. Keep content family-safe / PG-13.
  2. Label your content Story Time, so we can differentiate comment posts easily.
  3. ONLY the person the story is written for will have the final say in what the blanks will become, but feel free to joke around if you like.
  4. This is NOT a vendetta thread. Save your vats of acid for the next Batman movie.
  5. I reserve the right to add to these rules as necessary.

How to Play

  1. Tag your subject and create a post for the filler words/phrases for the blanks.
  2. Write your story and use ----1---- or similar to denote blanks spaces.

That’s it! Simple rules and easy way to play. The hard bit is the writing. I’ll start off and hopefully keep this going. This is just for fun, so no worries about not being Tolkein. I definitely ain’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

BIG PS!: Feel free to use any style you want: prose, poetry, haiku, meme, simple stick comics, or record a Youtube vid with some blanks spaces in a rap song, ha ha. Go nuts. This is a space where anything - within the rules - goes.


Inspiring post:

The story below is for you @YQMaoski ^^ Hope you like it.

Filler options:

  1. lord, knight, king
  2. city, town, village
  3. stars, compass, GPS
  4. horse, unicorn, pegasus
  5. neck, side, shoulders

*Story Time:
In kind collaboration wirh @YQMaoski ^^

Once upon a time, in a kingdom surrounded by lush forest, there lived a knight called Maoski, whose passion was quails. He loved to watch them hatch and grow, take dust baths and with every new batch of eggs, he was eager to see what colours the youngsters would become as they aged.

One day, Mao heard rumor of a rare quail living in the forest. The bird was said to have an array of colours unknown to any other and to sing even sweeter than a nightingale. Intrigued, he asked all around his town if anyone had seen proof of such a wondrous bird. No one had. Perhaps it was just a fairy tale, some child’s wild imaginings. Nevertheless, the knight’s curiosity grew and he became determined to find out the truth for himself.

His wife just shook her head and smiled at the idea, but she didn’t dissuade him. Instead, the night before he determined to set off in search, she packed him a sumptuous lunch of sandwiches and drink. The next day, she bade him be careful, wishing Mao well and success in his quest. It was early in the morning, before the sun rose and the dew still sparkled on the grass, that Maoski bravely left his home, making his way towards the silent forest.

He had only stars for navigation, but he felt confident he wouldn’t get lost. As he walked, the forest awoke above his head. Squirrels began to peek out their holes, chattering softly; sleepy birds piped up in monotones, too muddle-headed to speak properly. Beneath his feet, ants were already hurrying by and the slight shivers of the grass portended nearby snakes, or perhaps rabbits.

On and on he walked, partaking in half his food and water as the day warmed. The trees were just as dense overhead but the day was brightening and so was Mao’s spirits. He’d come quite a ways into the forest, away from the beaten paths. There were no noises now of human habitations. Surely he was going the right way to find his quail, as he’d come to think of it.

It was just a little further on that the trees began to thin and the light he could up see ahead was the clearest and whitest he’d ever seen. There must be a clearing up ahead, a place where the canopy opened. Eagerly, Mao rushed forward to find he was right, but that was not all.

In a patch of vivid green grass, munching away placidly, stood a Pegasus. It seemed strong, muscled and sleek, gleaming white from nose to tail. Mao caught his breath and quickly clamped his lips shut, afraid to spook the animal, but it didn’t so much as blink. Emboldened, he cautiously approached. The munching continued without pause, so Mao, a lover of animals, raised a hand to stroke its neck. The Pegasus neither stilled nor shied away. Delighted, in as polite a voice as he could muster, he asked: “Would you allow me to mount, new friend? I’m in search of a rare quail and perhaps, have far to go yet”.

The creature shook its head vigorously and the light spilled through its mane with the iridescence of a rainbow splitting the sky. So stunned by this display, Mao’s eyes were dazzled for a moment. When he blinked his vision clear, his new friend was a little ways off, looking over its shoulder as if to say: “Follow me”. And so he did, with the sure-footed steps of one who is in a dream.

Before he could think, he was all at once in another bright clearing, although the roof of the trees was again thick overhead, there were slices of light between the branches, forming window panes to the blue sky. The Pegasus rested his front hooves on one of the tree trunks in mimicry of a gentle knocking.

Maoski heard no whinny or other sound, but as he looked up, a beautiful bird peeked an orange head over the side of its nest and sang as if in answer to a summons. In another second, the quail took flight on green and silver wings and landed onto Mao’s shoulder. What meaning there was in the song it sung to him, only those 2 can tell you, but it filled the man’s heart with joy. He felt like he could neither look nor listen enough.

More little heads peeked over the side of the nest - tiny chicks, obviously well fed, for they were eyeing him with open interest and not crying for their parent. It was a humbling moment. Mao realised these lovely creatures were not his, but of the forest and indeed, safest here under the protection of the Pegasus and whatever other enchanted beasts dwelt invisibly in these wild places.

It didn’t seem long before he was nudged by a gentle forehead. The Pegasus knelt and turned its head to its shoulder once more, and this time Maoski knew this meant: “Climb on”. Without hesitation, he did, bending his head to the animal’s neck instinctively. Once again, he had chosen well, for they began to move as such a speed, he felt like they had moved through time itself. He felt no acceleration nor fear, but colours wavered and bent past his eyes in greens and browns and the smell of the earth filled his nostrils crisp and clean.

It was a ride that felt like it lasted forever, but it was only early evening when they returned to the first clearing. The young knight dismounted and bowed his thanks to his new friend. Much to his surprise, the stallion bowed his front knees in a mutual gesture of respect and fealty. Mao’s smile rivaled the gleam of the animal’s skin. He had come with one goal in mind, but he was leaving with so much more. He could not wait to tell his wife of the marvelous events that had occurred.

Maoski said his goodbyes once more and turned back the way he had come. A few steps on, he couldn’t resist a final look behind, but the Pegasus had already gone, like a sigh on the wind.


An interesting idea. Unfortunately, I have the creativity of a bucket of apples.


Leave a bucket of apples to sit around for a while in this summer heat and you’ll quickly find all sorts of horrible things being created.


@Pylinaer, @Fraggles Things are never the same in your head as on paper. Longer than I thought, but you’re welcome to read if you like. :relaxed: (Not everyone is big on reading I’ve heard).


I recently found out a subreddit about unsolved misteries and got reading a bit and found a lot of fascinating little stories but one of them that was recently solved sort of creeped me out a bit. It was a post about a guy named @Danacscott or something like that and basically the guy broke a leg when he was a kid and when he was at the hospital the nurse that cared for him had a (—1—) pin on her coat. Not very usual for a pin, but you know, its just a pin I guess.
Turns out that you tend to fall for those who take care of you while you are ill, its called the Florence Nightingale syndrome and when you are from (—2—) like @Danacscott was you are bound to have something wrong with you. People later speculated that the broken leg pain, the nurse being nice to him and that pin got all tangled up in his head.
So @Danacscott 's leg bone healed up, he went back home and back to school but the seed was planted.
Apparently (—1—) started going missing all over his neighborhood but nobody ever knew who was taking them in plain sight and not being noticed or why.
Anyways, years passed by and more (—1—) kept disappearing, police got involved when the press started covering the whole thing but they were never able to find out who was doing it. At one point there were speculations that the FBI cold case squad was getting involved in the matter but nothing came of it.
Believe it or not the whole thing got solved sort of by accident.
Last month somebody broke into @Danacscott while he was at work and believe it or not the thief immediately called the police because he didnt want no part of the whole thing, believe it or not @Danacscott whole basement was filled to the brim with (—1—)… I know right? just wow… who would do something like that.
There were even some pictures of the basement on the topic and man, there even was one picture of a police officer bending over his patrol car and puking his guts out.
What a crazy world we live in…


@rporter711 My bestie jokes I’m serial k33lah because of all the doll body parts I have in various states of construction. This was so funny, lol. Thank you. :heart:


Oh I dont think a nurse will have a corpse pin but who knows, I was thinking more of a gnome thief :smiley: Im not the best of writers but hey it was worth a shot!

edit/ there, flashed it out a bit to imply time passing since childhood to adulthood.


One thing is about Chrono is that we appreciate each other here. I’m so touched you took the time to write something for me and join in. ^^

The police officer bit made me wonder what he saw, ha ha. Imagination is so much fun sometimes.


Like it? I love it! Thank you so much! :hugs:

This is such a lovely story to read! :smiley:

I will take my picks now:

  1. Knight
  2. Town
  3. Stars
  4. Pegasus
  5. Neck

You wouldn’t believe the smile you put on my face for the story.


Your story is officially done. Thanks for helping me finish it. So happy it made you smile. ^^


Saw that too. =^_^= I’m trying to think of a good insert for #2. I’m from Barbados, but not all of us have something ‘wrong’, hee hee. Hm, my alma mater though Combermere School - definitely something in the water in that place.


  1. Dragon / Lizard
  2. Combermere School


I loved your story, @Danacscott! Brought a smile to my face as well. :horse:

I’ve spent the whole day looking at words thus far, however, (I work as a translator, if anyone here doesn’t know that already) so I’m kind of sick of them…

If inspiration strikes me I’ll contribute with my own. :blush:

Are all genres, PG-13 in mind, allowed?

just two more translations to go today… Lord help me…


hugs You can do it. Fighting! I know what you mean though, words…everything in moderation, lol

I’m happy you’re enjoying it so far. ^^ Whenever you’re ready, be great to see what you contribute. By PG-13 I generally mean no XXXO, birds and bees, etc. Other than that, think it’s all good. :heart:


I looooove this idea! :star_struck:


:slight_smile: Cheers. Feel free to jump in any time!


I’d love to - I just don’t have time T_T

I work long hours and study a ton of modules so I don’t get a lot of free time. Maybe during some holidays some time :blush:


Any time is a good time. My good friend had a ton of modules - like thick binders for her ATC exams. Phew, studying is always hard work, but yea… I can imagine your time is stretched. Good luck and I hope you rest well with all that heavy brain work. :heart:


Just balancing working and studying is hard enough yo xD but if she survived I can too!

You are the sweetest :heart: thank you