Ghost In The Shell (2017) - Thoughts? (And Poll)

I was disappointed with the movie on so many levels.
I was prepared for it. I saw the older movies and some of the TV anime series; as much as I could get.
Honestly didn’t care about ScarJo in the lead. Did not care! (However, what they did to Borma and Ishikawa made me sad)
Knew that this new movie will not replace the original in any way and hence had super low expectations for it.

After all this, I still was shot down hard. I was cringing hard, squirming in my seats.
2 weeks later, I am still grieving this tragedy. I guess what I want with this thread (hope this is the right place to post it) is like a survivor’s group or a support group for people like me and also meaningful input from even the people who loved the movie. From anyone and everyone who cares about this franchise. I don’t want to bash the fans or promote hate; I just wanna talk about it.

Here’s a poll. For funzies.

  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Meh
  • Didn’t Like it
  • Want money back

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I honestly have not seen the movie, but after having watched GITS and GIST SAC and seeing the trailers for this i honestly don’t think i want to see it, it will just ruin it. One thing I do want to know though are there Tachikomas in it or not? If not it makes me want to see this even less

One thing I do want to know though are there Tachikomas in it or not?

Sadly, @PeteMcc , no.
I love Tachokomas too but I’m glad they left them out of the movie. They’d just be one more reason to hate this movie (for me) cuz the filmmakers would just wreck it.

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Yeah your probably right, still makes me want to watch it even less though

There was a tachikoma but it was not a GITS tachikoma. It was just a black spider tank manually controlled by the bad guy. The movie is decent if you haven’t seen any of the anime and downright disappointing if you have seen the anime or the movies.

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There was a tachikoma but it was not a GITS tachikoma.

That spider tank? That’s an homage (ha ha?) to the orange Spider Tank from the original GITS(1995) movie and I would never call that thing a Tachikoma. Tachikomas can be manned and they can operate automatically. They have an advanced AI that resembles a ghost (albeit remotely), giving them qualities like curiosity, the ability to lie and process complex paradoxes that would crash the systems of any other regular AI (even the Female Bots who work for Section 9 - As per GITS:SAC). On the other hand, Spider Tanks in the movies are either manned or remotely controlled weapons that lack the complex AI found in the Tachikomas (AFAIK). I’m sorry if this seems like paranoid nitpicking but I just love my Tachikomas :slight_smile:

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I did not know that. I’ve only seen GITS: SAC. Thanks for telling me!

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