Getting a game listed on Chrono

Are there steps somewhere? I spent exactly two minutes looking and didn’t find anything. That means that it must not exist. We have a lot of solid indie developers in Colorado, and I wanted to know how to get on the list. Does it have to be Steam? Are console games a thing? Can it be cross-platform!? Does it have to be amazing!?!? What’s the deal!???!!?!?


Have you tried just contacting them on any of the email addresses listed?

I was scared to. I didn’t want to abuse the privilege of contacting them if the community could just point me to the answer. Honestly, I didn’t want to ask them such a silly question…they are probably pretty busy with stuff.

I’m a developer/publisher, how do I get my game on
It’s super easy, just send us an email, we’d love to work with you!

Last item here: - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific..


For all of our deals we work directly with the publisher or developer. We decide on the sale price together and they send us all of the keys we sell.

Didn’t find a mention about the possible key types on a quick glance, but I would think their systems are only setup for Steam keys at the moment.

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Well, then that’s the answer.

Thank you @nassi

Bloody hell, beat me by a few seconds.

EDIT: They recently had that Path of Exile expansion beta or whatever so def. not just steam keys.

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This was not a parody post?

Ouch. I’m still new here…

I don’t think you can, at this time get a game published on chrono…

Mayyyyyybe if they are REALLY successful (Wich i sincerely hope for) they can start publishing games…

I’dd play an actual chrono published game, not just the forum game ;D