Get up to 42 GB cloud storage for free [Ended]

The russian web portal Yandex has a special offer for its cloud data warehouse “Yandex.Disk”. Yandex.Disk is a service that allows you to store files on Yandex servers. You can access and work with documents and multimedia content on any device connected to the internet.

The offer ends today at 11:59 PM Moscow Time (GMT+3). To take advantage of it you only have to enable autouploading in the settings of the mobile application “Yandex.Disk” for iOS or Android. After uploading the first photo, additional gigabytes will be provided for your account.

  1. Create an account here
  2. Install mobile App and login Google Play | App Store
  3. Enable Autouploading. (You will be prompted)
  4. Take a photo or screenshot and wait for it to be uploaded.
  5. Profit
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Always use The most resilient out there.

Amazon has a pretty good deal for unlimited space. I think it’s $59.99 a year, which is dirt cheap compared to a service like Dropbox.

Note: Unlimited is never truly unlimited, but someone has successfully uploaded over one petabyte of data.