Get Superhot: Mind Control Delete for free if you purchased Superhot before 16th of July

So if you have purchased Superhot before the release of Superhot:MCD (on the 16th of July) you get the new game for free. So if you have purchased it previously, congrats you will have a new game to play!

Note you must have paid money for the game to get it. From the FAQ:

Who is eligible for a free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE?
You’re eligible for a free copy of MCD if you purchased SUPERHOT before the 16th of July 2020 for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Origin, or GOG. This does not extend to major free giveaways like Twitch Prime, Games With Gold, and similar.

What if I received my copy of SUPERHOT for free?
This offer only applies to copies of SUPERHOT bought before the release.
If you didn’t purchase SUPERHOT, you should not expect a free MCD. Acquiring SUPERHOT through a big free giveaway like Games With Gold, Twitch Prime, Game Pass, or similar does not qualify you for a free copy of MCD.

Read the FAQ to see how to redeem your copy.


wonder if it’s a coincidence Superhot is still on sale 60% off for another 1½week :thinking:


or that i put this up the day chrono has it on sale :thinking:


Yes and I thank you for that saved me $4. By that I mean I was going to purchase it on steam for $14


Good info, thanks! Picked up SuperHOT and we’ll see if MCD pops in there next week.


Just checked:

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is already in your Steam library :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Yep, I see it!


Also…Free OST:


It’s free even if you don’t own anything else, cheers for that.
Lets see if it’s actually any good.

Edit: Seems to be mostly fairly calm ambient electronic music, it’s not bad but it’s clearly background music rather than something to really be enjoyed in and of itself.


Must have gotten Superhot free on Epic. Mind Control is on steep discount for me there (not interested really)/


Finally got around to playing the free Mind Control Delete I got from buying the base game. I must say, this sequel grabbed me a lot harder than the original did. I enjoyed them both, but I think the original lacked a sense of intensity because you could only fail one short level at a time. MCD puts more on the line, since dying resets the entire node you’re on. At the same time, the nodes are generally short enough that this isn’t a monster setback, but is enough stakes to incentivize more careful playing.

Overall, an excellent sequel. Not impressed with the ending maze then long wait, but at least on PC there are ways to get past that.