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Get Free Ebook of WILD CARDS I by George R. R. Martin



Expires December 14th.


Already got it. ^^


Missed my chance. Ugh… Don’t know how I missed this. Also missed The Armored Saint awhile ago. The only two I’ve missed.


@Koroth send me a PM to remind me and I will send them to you. It may happen after Christmas as I have a lot of stuff going on. Make sure you give me the names and what format you want.


Think I am going to throw up.:scream::weary::fearful::face_vomiting:

Anyone else lose their “library” on All my FREE books are GONE!!! I guess Macmillan is being a jerk again…More to come on that…


That sucks. Did you mail support? You sure it’s not a server issue or something like that? Fingers crossed you’ll get them back.


I messaged them…Nothing yet…


I messaged them today too - just random and odd it is.