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I know that the Birthday Queen will probably sic Elmo on me…but… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Just add it to your library…I don’t know how long it lasts.


Oh look, that one game @coralinecastell has nothing but good things to say about.


Started this with the bestie actually - we tend to yell at Point & Click adventure games together. The puzzles aren’t super easy and the voice overs are funny.

Did they learn 4th wall breaking from Deadpool or the other way around? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the info.


Real talk, though. I really enjoyed the first Deponia games. It has a few issues in production value because of it being one of their earlier titles, but what it lacks in production value it makes up for in charm.

The psychadelic junkyard puzzle might throw you in for a loop, there was another one that got me with the cotton candy machine. Every other puzzle made ACTUAL LOGICAL SENSE based on the universe.

Unlike the game’s sequels, Rufus in this game is a genuinely good character who goes through an interesting arc. He’s undeniably an obnoxious and selfish piece of crap with a serious ego issue and feels like he owes nothing to the world that treats him like crap (which in fairness is half true), but if you stick with the game you’ll find there’s a lot to like about him… and this arc gets torn to shreds within seconds in the game’s sequel.

I played Chaos on Deponia to the end, overall it was tolerable but despite its step up in production quality I feel like it set the series down the wrong path. I don’t care for a fair amount of its humor, and Rufus goes back to his crappy old self for the sake of cheap humor by placing friends in predicaments that don’t even make sense for the humor value. The entire initiating event of the story for this game is something that genuinely frustrates me, as it could have at least been explained in a way that makes sense (I’d say more, but my idea is a bit spoilery). I never really got through the final chapter, Goodbye Deponia, meaning I never even went as far as to open the 4th entry, Deponia Doomsday.

If you want to skip the sequels, it’s understandable. I do recommend this game, and also, you can hold a key (I think it’s Space) to highlight usable objects in the scene, an invaluable tool that every point-and-click should have. Give it a go and understand that its sequels may or may not be worth your time.


Get ready for the flaming Elmo!


EXACTLY because I hate this game I’m letting you people know I have an extra key for Deponia the Complete Journey. I don’t want to have it anymore.

If anyone sees this and would like to give the rest of the Deponia series a shot for free, PM me or reply here and the key is yours.

I don’t remember which games of the series it contains but I’m sure @CptMold will be happy to clarify.


Quick! Check @coralinecastell for a fever :exploding_head: She has to be sick or at work… :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


I am actually sick… was bedridden for a couple of days. Sudden flu. Still not over it.

The Deponia offer stands regardless.


According to Steam, Deponia the [in]Complete Journey contains the first three episodes but not the last.

I haven’t played any of them, but I think I picked up the [in]Complete Journey when it was free. I know you have strong feelings about the game, as referenced in multiple threads and flaming Elmos, but do you have a review or initial rant you could point me to? I’m curious what it is you don’t like about it (so I can decide if those reasons would apply to me) but I don’t want to ask you to repeat yourself.


That’s very considerate of you. I did post a longer explanation here somewhere but I’m not entirely sure where it is. Your guess is as good as mine.

So… it took me a small chunk of forever to find a Steam review that touched on most of the issues I have with the series, but I finally found one. Here you go, for the first game:

Some of it is down to the translation from German. Lines can sometimes sound like they were run through Google Translate twice and leave you with the feeling that there was supposed to be a joke in there somewhere but it got lost. There have also been a number of apparent bugs.

This part of the review sums up a lot of my distaste perfectly:

There’s also the issue of the protagonist. Rufus seems designed to aim for the “possibly slightly self-delusional lovable loser” archetype in the vein of Guybrush Threepwood or Rincewind, but he doesn’t have anywhere near that level of charm. He’s so actively unpleasant as to be hard to root for. He’s rude, self-centered and so sexist it’s dancing way beyond cartoonish parody. It doesn’t help that much of his motivation in the game is literally “getting the girl”, as in getting custody of her like she’s a lost piece of property. A comatose, injured girl being fought over by all of the men in town who are solely interested in putting her to work for their own benefit in exchange for living with them. And they’re just deciding this over her unconscious body. They get a tad anvil-icious by naming her, I kid you not, Goal. The other characters tend to talk about her with about as much consideration as fighting over a really nice wallet someone found.

One could argue – fairly enough – that Guybrush also has a “get the girl” goal on his bucket list. But the way he treats her is completely different. She’s not just a plot device for him, but has loads of goals and an agenda of her own.

I’ll be frank: I struggled but finished the first game, back in 2012, when I was a big Daedalic fan and had more time to waste – because “waste of time” is exactly how I qualify my Deponia time. I tried replaying it when I got it on Steam – hence my 2.2 hours – but nearly had a stroke.

I don’t like the voice acting. I don’t find the jokes funny. I don’t care about any of the characters. I think the puzzles try to emulated “old school” p&c puzzles and fall into all the traps those kind of puzzles have. I think the plot is weak. I think the pacing is poor, dragged out like Rubacava straight out of nowhere for extended periods of time.

These are all opinions. You may feel completely differently so, if you want, you should definitely give the series a shot if you already own it.

Things that are not opinions are: the first game has bugs – can’t speak much about the others but it seems to be a Daedalic p&c trademark to be honest (maybe it’s a feature) – the translation has issues, weakening some of the jokes.

Hope to have answered you.


Indeed you have, thank you! Sounds like I should keep it in my backlog bin until I feel like I really need to play something new… at any cost.