Get Crazi Taxi on Steam for free

Just do a survey on the Sega website and sign up to their newsletter and get a free copy of Crazy Taxi on steam. The process is a little finicky so I am post what the people said from the site where I found it.

If you can’t find the survey: SurveyMonkey Powered Online Survey

If you don’t want to do the survey:

Some Steps:… <— Had to do this when below didn’t work
Some Steps: <— Didn’t work until i did the above

The original site:


Ugh why so difficult, can’t they just give us everything for free without having to do anything :smirk:


Excellent game with excellent music, though neither of that is true for the steam version. There’s no analog support and it doesn’t come with Offspring and Bad Religion./just ranting about my favorite game
At least you can patch the music yourself.:ok_hand:

Survey’s closed. ;-;