Genshin Impact is FREE on Epic Games Store

Get Genshin Impact for free at Epic Games Store until 5 PM CET Thursday, June 17th 2021


wtf? this is a free-to-play game to begin with :roll_eyes:

ok, apparently there’s some bonus code to claim i dont know what ingame

also, the real free game for this week hasn’t been announced yet :joy:


Thanks @delenn13 :sparkles: :dizzy: :sparkles:


It’s a lovely game, but all the progression is tied to the gatcha mechanics and that made the progression boring after a certain point for me. Worth trying if you can play these games without feeling the need to spend money in them.


Where do you see this? Not that I would claim it but maybe, why not? Would have to install first, so that’ll be something to do tonight after getting home I guess…




Genshin impact is a horror of a “fremuim” title, it is masterfully crafted to drag you in and then it will strangle the will to live out of you if you don’t start coughing up the dough. The fact that it has managed to be the most profitable “game” released in years means the window for what people deem acceptable in terms of being bilked has well and truly shifted and we can only expect things to get worse. Chinese and Korean mobile market tactics has long tried to find an inroad into the western games market and Genshin impact is the one that pulled it off, more will follow and our own developers who have for years longed to adopt such behavior will as soon as they can.

Genshin impact is a decease and there is no cure.


So it works like all modern mobile games then: Play to Keep Up / Maybe Win.


Indeed. I’ve learned the hard way to stop playing Asian MMOs games because they all boil down to P2W crap and endless painful grinding which can literally compromise your health. This reminds me from some cases which became news where people actually died playing online games for long hours straight.

S Korean dies after games session

But at @Danacscott said, this is also how mostly mobile games operate, and a good example of it are games like Disney Heroes. Unless you pay up you’ll never become powerful enough to deal with other players who’ll wipe the floor with your poor underleveled and unprepared team. Same for the PVE content, which’s why when you first open the game you’re bombarded with a bunch of P2W offers which can go up to ridiculous prices (in my case some of these “advantages” can go up to R$ 500 Brazilian Reais and above), which reappear almost every single time you go back to the main menu or when the game is idle.

No wonder people say Disney and other big corporations only care about the money you can put in their pockets, even if you become a literal beggar by doing so.


I think it’s a concept people like adopting now, regardless of country: Soul Hunters, Empires and Puzzles, Harvest Land - meh. More money less value. Mass production goes digital.


… Hmmm where is my Lost Ark already?


The thing with Genshin Impact is… that there’s nothing in there that could make it a pay to win game. There’s no PvP. Plus, the content in the game can be beaten by being a free to play player.
Can you spend a lot of money in it? Yes, you definitely can. Tons of it.
Can you play the game and enjoy it without spending even a penny? Yes, you can.

The problem starts when someone is vulnerable to gambling and has absolutely no control with his spending habits.


Yes, but what you are describing is also Fifa.

In Genshin Impact you might get a character or weapon that compliments your party, or you might be stuck without a proper healer. And the only way to get those characters or weapons is mostly through random draws, if the drop rate is low there is a poor chance of getting what you want without paying.

Of course you don’t need those characters or weapons. Anyway, i found the game became mostly a bit boring after a while.


Also “vulnerable to gambling” describes one of their primary target demographics, children. These games are glorified gambling and they’re marketing themselves without any of the regulations or oversight that gambling by law requires, for good reason.