Gear Fit2 Pro band/strap size

I guess this is a weird place to ask but I’ll try anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
So I’m very much considering to buy the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. But I don’t know which size to choose. Their small one should be for a 125-165 mm wrist and the large one for a 158-205 mm wrist. My wrist is about 150-155 mm. I don’t know if it should be very tight or if I need extra room (and how much?). I can’t find any info about it!
I really hope some of you can help me or maybe have a Gear Fit2 which should have the same band/strap sizes I believe.

sounds like you should get the small one then, since you’re entirely within it’s listed range. I have no idea about the functionality of the wrist strap or anything but from the looks of it you’ll have a 10mm space in the upper bound to work with which should be plenty.

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It does sound like I need the small one. However, when I work out and get hot, my wrist will “expand”, right? So I don’t know if ~1 cm will be enough for that. And I am not sure how tight it is supposed to be anyway. :confused:

couldn’t you go to like føtex, bilka, expert, whatever place still has “physical” stores left + gear fit in stock, and ask to try it on to be sure?
we used to be able to test out demo models, but i might be gettin a bit old to still remember those times(i could swear it was yesterday tho)

ps, i’m a “swelly” person, and i think wrists are probably what swells least on my body during heat, water, exercise , so 1cm should probably be plenty

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I believe you can replace the straps on it anyway so if you need you can just buy some replacements.


I could try out the Gear Fit 2 in the stores. However, I’m not sure if the sizes will be the same for the Gear Fit 2 Pro. I know the straps are different in the old one. I guess I will have to wait until it’s actually available in Denmark. Sigh :frowning2:

So. There are no stores near me that have the Gear Fit2 Pro (or the Gear Fit2). So I am unable to try it out :frowning:

Refund if it doesn’t fit. I recently bought a bunch of clothes and when I wasn’t sure I even ordered multiple sizes and sent back what didn’t fit. Samsung is a huge coorporation, so I guess refunds aren’t news to them.

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refunds aren’t as cut and dry here (if @DoomCaek is still residing in DK that is)
basically refunds aren’t a right here, it’s an optional courtesy
items bought at a physical store has 0 refund options/“rights”, unless the store explicitly says so, and even then the store still retain the right to “pick and choose” whatever rules apply and to each individual purchase
goods bought online has an automatic “14day regret” grace period, but there are exemptions like “sealed goods” which you can’t always open to test/try out (clothes are very easy in that regard as they don’t exactly come factory hard-sealed)
and worse, some online retailers can fight you if they can see a package has been opened, even tho it’s your right to try out an item, like a tv and such (tho not all online stores are dickish about it ofc)

but it doesn’t hurt to try and regret/“refund”, as long as all that is kept in mind, and one is willing to accept any potential expense (it’s why i recommend trying/testing stuff at a physical store, because that’s always less hassle when possible)
on that note, Elgiganten has always been smooth in that “online regard”, vs places like Proshop or Merlin (in my experiences that is)

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I found out the size of the small strap is actually 125-170 mm. So I ordered the small one and it should be here tomorrow! Yay!


Well congratulations, that took you a while. : )

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It wasn’t available in Denmark before 15th or 16th of September. And that’s when I went to different stores only to find that they didn’t have it. Then I wrote mails to Samsung and another online store that sells it, and I got the useful reply about the strap size the 18th of September, and I ordered it the same day… :smile:

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Oh, and btw - the small fits me nicely! If anyone cares… :sweat_smile:


good to hear :thumbsup: glad on your behalf that everything worked out nicely in the end. Isn’t that how we’d always prefer things to go :smiley_cat:
enjoy your workoutgizmothingymajig

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