Gaming MERCH wishlist

Hello Chrono community!

I’m not the kind of person that usually spends money on game-related merch. I’m talking about action figures, t-shirts, posters, toys, hats, etc.

However, our dearest gnome – aka @Gnuffi – did NOT suggest I search for “Hollow Knight talking grub plush”. So I didn’t, and I totally didn’t find this:

Now, since there is nothing I ABSOLUTELY WANT AND NEED TO BUY OH MY GOD GIVE ME that I can add to this thread, please tell me: what kind of video-game merch to you own or are saving to buy one day? :money_with_wings:

I think the only 2 video-game related items I have are: an Assassin’s Creed III t-shirt I totally need to give away already it’s been 7 years for fs sake and an Assassin’s Creed poster I got for free from a pretty lady in a shopping mall who thought I was way too excited about trying the, back then, new Assassin’s Creed game for 10 minutes.



the klei store has some nice plushies and i have thought about buying some t-shirt over the years but most of the time these items are not at all cheap which would be okay (i might just give in to my buying spirit once in a while) but the shipping makes it just too expensive

why are not all companies based in eastern Europe?!?


Haha being in Brazil I feel you. I sometimes pay up to 1.5 the price of any item I buy on Amazon just in shipping + importation fees.

For example, my violin bow order breakdown is:

Item(s) Subtotal: $68.79
Shipping & Handling: $6.78
Total before tax: $75.57
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Import Fees Deposit $71.88


Btw Klei store looks great. That Don’t Starve Hat is :yellow_heart:

I’d love any of the plushies as well!



Once upon a time it was rumored that I played World of Warcraft. Allegedly, I may have or have not possibly maybe bought a Wind Rider Cub plush w/ in-game pet…

…and Gryphon Hatchling plush w/ in-game pet…

…and Authenticator for a Core Hound Pup.


There were also allegations that I owned most, if not all, of the Blizzcon and TCG in-game items.


I’ve got some PS4 games in steelboxes but besides that’s nothing. Partly due to budget constraints but mostly because i cant justify to myself spending ~50 euros for some plastic piece with current income even though it’s of something i generally love.

Though i guess if i had sufficient cash i would love to have a wall full of games,movies,music and all sorts of gaming collectors editions . That would be nice :slight_smile:


don’t think i knew a single person that got this for the “security” :grin: (even tho that’s what they told people “outside the room”)

i feel you, so much, here handling/import fee alone is like 25$, default, “non negotiable”, add to that tax/VAT of whatever amount they they “estimate”(lets just say sometimes they get it wrong lol -nothing like buying a 10$ dvd and get VAT for a retail bluray msrp :dizzy_face:),
and ofc if you order for like 175$ worth of goods, you get slapped with various customs taxes too, which gets real interesting depending on the stuff you bought. (15% on clothes or something)
so suddenly the 15$ tshirt you wanted, (or 30$ plush) can get mighty expensive o.0


Speaking of which… guess who’s never gonna get a grub plush? :broken_heart:



couldn’t you just pick the 8-10$ shipping option tho?
or they just don’t like Brazil :thinking:
mebe you could strongarm your boss and say they have some neat planes in floridia you should check out, then have it waiting for you when you arrive in “america” :wink:


Almost 90??? Whoa!

Don’t you have “a slow boat to Brazil” or something like that?

That’s high seas piracy, I tells ya :skull_and_crossbones:


Bleh maybe u could ship it to some address cheaply and then get someone else to ship it cheaper. But really that sucks ahh
I get that problem often, shipping $999 dollars blah blah
You might as well travel there to collect it


Nope >’:

And haha! Good idea about my boss. I’m actually considering shipping to my SO, not telling him anything about it, waiting until he messages me all excited about the plush and then declaring it was all a ruse and that it’s actually mine and that now he needs to come over to give it to me or I’ll start shipping cow poop to his house.


This cracked me up :joy:



First price is USPS Priority Mail International( 6 - 12 weeks), but does not include customs and duty.
Second one is USPS Priority(3 - 5 days)

I do not know how much is from here to there thou, not as egregious but still, for those prices, I may as well make my own.

In regards to the question, I do like figurines and such, curious things, in fact, I like all kinds of merch, but nothing beats a properly made art book or a beautiful presentation like a nice steelbook case.


Ooh that reminds me, I had to leave this in the move, I need to pick up another copy of this artbook. Megaman EXE is one of those game series I’ve always loved, and the artbook is pretty great.


Art books are amazing indeed! Awesome of you to remind us of them, @Inferry. The only art books I own are for Avatar: The Last Airbender.


If they were ever made, I’d love to get art books for: Kentucky Route Zero, Night in the Woods, Hollow Knight and any Amanita Design games, really – Botanicula, Samorost, etc.

I really like your steelbox case! And you’re lucky to have an artbook for a game you like so much, @Vindace! Why the extra copy, is it a gift? :blush:

BTW the grub plush is still too expensive. To my SO’s it’s USD 8.00 for shipping, so I’m sincerely considering it, once I get paid! :+1:


Unfortunately it was one of my items that just didn’t make the cut when we moved internationally last month. So the other copy is for me :slight_smile: I only have one friend who played those games when I did, and he wouldn’t really be interested in the book.

I do have the Hyrule Historia though.

I’m glad the shipping is cheaper to them for you, I sincerely hope you can order it! I do expect pictures though :wink:


Oh wow, shipping that plush to Europe, or well, the Netherlands to be more precise is only $9

And hm… gaming merch I would really want, well, I’ve been thinking about getting a poster of D.Va. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything which is rather surprising.


It was my birthday a few days ago so I decided to go out and buy myself a little figure or something. Ended up stumbling upon a Nendoroid Sora and a Nendoroid D.Va. Didn’t buy either but they are adorable. So decisions will have to be made, there’s some pretty cool figures from other series too that I am considering. Anyone else have this issue?


OMG SO CUTE! :sob:

And they even have Naruto ones!! But how come they have Tsunade and Jiraiya but don’t have Orochimaru?? :cry:

Still, they look very well done! I bet shipping must be a fortune though, if the store is located in Japan.

Also I JUST realized, while typing this message, that shipping comes from ship… :thinking:


Shipping isn’t too awful, depending. HLJ’s cheapest shipping option for 1 is about 7 USD.

Huh, I thought there was an orochimaru one. Must have confused it with something else.

And yes, they are like the cutest things ever. I’m quite fond of the Harry potter series of them as well. I don’t have any of them yet though, just on the wishlist for now.


TECHNICALLY not “video game merch” but @Fraggles and @Vandem will get where I’m coming from…


(it’s so beautiful :sob:)