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Games with Impossible Geometry


I’m interested in games with impossible geometry, and I was hoping to tap into the collective knowledge of the forum-goers to find more. Games with impossible geometry, or forced perspective, are those that allow you to act as if objects are on the same plane as long as they line up from your 2D point of view, even if their 3D arrangement means they are nowhere near each other.

I’ll start with the games I have, in case anyone else is looking. All on Steam unless otherwise specified.

  • Monument Valley (best in class for gameplay, but the developers refuse to put it on PC because they feel that if you’re not playing it on a touch screen device, you are “not experiencing the game as they intended” and therefore it’s just better if you don’t experience it at all. To this, I wildly wave my middle fingers at the developers; they know exactly where they can cram that pompous nonsense).
  • Back to Bed
  • The Bridge
  • Evo Explores
  • Fez
  • The Gardens Between (not very much impossible geometry in this one, but there is an instance or two. More than most games can claim!)
  • hocus
  • Perfect Angle (I actually just have the demo, the full game has rather mixed reviews and I wasn’t so blown away by the demo)
  • .projekt
  • puzzlement
  • Zasa - An AI Story

On my watch list:

  • Moncage
  • Manifold Garden

Any others you know about?


Diablo 2 - Act 2 - Arcane Sanctuary area.


Antichamber is pretty much entirely built upon the idea of exploring impossible geometry and dimensions.


Echochrome, it’s only on PSP and PS3 though.

Also lawl, that’s really why Monument Valley isn’t on PC? The entire time I was playing it, I was wishing I could just use a mouse.


Disoriented is another one


This is quite fun, I linked in my review:


Some excellent suggestions, all. I have expanded my watch list.


Ooh, just noticed a new one:


Thanks for the suggestions everyone…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Not a game yet, but something that looks cool enough it might be worth keeping an eye on for the future.


Ooh, thanks, I am very interested! Makes me think of F-Stop.


Update: sweet fancy pajamas, this is free:

No story, but an hour of very solid gameplay. I felt my neurons pleasantly reconfiguring in much the same way as playing Portal for the first time. Absolutely fantastic and very satisfying. The ending made me laugh out loud with surprise.

This very similarly-titled game is also free, but to be honest I played 30 minutes of it and uninstalled. To me this one crossed the line into “annoying platformer” and the design choices were just frustrating (like in 3D mode, the camera is pseudo-fixed, but the developers insist on making you move towards the camera for some parts, such that you’re effectively running blind… sometimes doing this you will find the treasure for the map, sometimes you will fall off the ledge and have to climb your way back up again… no, thanks).


Now I wanna make a maze game were each level looks like one of those MC Escher drawings.


@Inferry, have you played Monument Valley? It may not look like an Escher drawing, but certainly feels like it. I was so drawn into it when the game first was released, completely mesmerizing.


I have… seen videos of it.

I thought I had it for Android but turns out I didn’t. It uses the same concept thou, and apparently there’s like three of those, plus other knock-offs.

By the way, Grammarly Tone Detector says my comment it’s strongly neutral :neutral_face:
just a meaningless detail, nothing more.


given that it’s 2020, even a strongly neutral comment is bound to be insulting, aggravating, and oppressive to at least someone for sure


Hyperrogue uses non-Euclidean geometry, so although it isn’t impossible, its still very weird. Each region in the game has a different mechanic explores some aspect of the geometry.

There’s also a free version at