Games Wishlist; which, -and why we have them? 😃

So with a couple of posts here and there, +the upcoming “sale season” a couple of thoughts have been stirring around my noggin :thinking:

How big is your wishlist?, which games do you have on your wishlists?, why are they “there”(the top vs the bottom)?, how do you “use” your wishlist?, and why haven’t you acquired “all” those games yet? :dizzy_face:

Before Steam scrambled my wishlist i actually had some sense of order to it, some method in the madness you might say, tho i’ve given up on sorting them again now :man_shrugging:
90% of it i probably use merely as a reminder of games i “might” be interested in, and to connect with ITAD for cheap discount reminders :wink:

and my top 10 sits “un-acquired” from reasons of just knowing i’m too busy with something else, -or being too expensive to my “cheapskate’ness” :blush: :smile:

how about you, which games do you have on your top 10?, why?, and how come they haven’t been added to your library yet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

share your top o’ wishlist/“game desires”, (“summer season” or not) :+1:


Don’t look at @delenn13 's wishlist. I tried it once, and it crashed my computer :rofl:

Mine are either waiting for a sale, waiting for them to be complete/released or just waiting for me to be bothered to buy/play them :thinking:


My wishlist is basically a tag system, with little order. Would I be interested in that game at some point? Yes. Wishlisted. The Steam wishlist system is so poorly set up though that who knows what happens when you add to it and sorting it out properly is sure to take an age.

It’s handy to see what games your friends want though.


I clean up my wishlist a few times a year in an attempt to keep it to what I actually want. Right now it’s sitting at 63 and it’s all games I actually want, but at times I add things that I just want to remember to look at later like a bookmark.


Mine is too long. I started by tagging games that I think I might be interested in, then it exploded. I tried cleaning it up, but I just can’t. I kept thinking, but what if it comes on sale and I don’t know about it?

It would be nice to be able to group and categorize our WL some more…


My wishlist is about 500 strong at the moment.

I use it to track unreleased games I’m interested in, and to track games I want in conjunction with the bundle charts on SteamGifts - there’s scripts that mark the games as owned or wishlisted. Very useful!


I don’t even think I have 10 wishlisted games, I don’t spend much time on Steam :grimacing:


I use my wishlist (watch list) as a substitute for the follow button. If I see a game in a youtube video,at e3 or whatever that looks interesting i’ll add it. I’m always making changes i think in the past week i may have added and deleted games on at least 3-4 occasions. I still kind of rank them tho i’m just a strange dude what can i say.


Coming to a Steam client near you in 2042.


CSince I have a very small amount of games wishlisted, I will start going through steam and adding all of the games I want off the top of my head :upside_down_face:


I try not to look at it. It has just exploded since I have been on Chrono.(Everyone one has a scapegoat today, so I am just doing what everyone else is doing. Blame someone else for their own actions.) :innocent:


I blame the IndieGems curator group…they know who they are.


Oh, YES!!! Another group to blame. They have been relentless this past month…or more.:scream:


Here we go again! :rofl::smiley::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  1. It’s big and I feed it every month or so
  2. All kinds
  3. There’s not, because I don’t organize
  4. I feed it every month or so, I told you already
  5. Because sloths only find leftovers hooman paper once in a while

After copious amounts of time spent pruning my wishlist, I have only 48 games there.

The games that I am currently interested in purchasing either once they release or when I have the funds.

My top ten are games I will snap up in a heartbeat once I can, my bottom 5 or should say bottom 3 atm are either games to complete a collection or early access titles that I am following until they are more fleshed out.

I wishlist games that I am interested in purchasing or to save for further review if I only have a passing interest based on a recommendation from a friend or other source. I will usually go through it every once in a while to remove games I won’t purchase though. Plus, it makes it easier for a friend to see what they may be able to surprise me with on the rare occasions that they do, so I try to make sure that the games in there are games that I am willing to purchase and not a passing fancy.

Money mainly…that and the fact that I have a rather long backlog, but I am trying to whittle my backlog down.

  1. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
  • I will get it once it releases as it will be free and because it is by DONTNOD.
  1. Beholder 2
  • I will get it once it releases as I absolutely adored the first installment.
  1. The Walking Dead: The Final Season
  • Mainly to complete my TWD collection, but I am interested in how it will end. I will wait for all episodes to be released first. LiS taught me that waiting between episodes is pure torture.
  1. Monster Prom
  • It seems absolutely adorable so I will get it during a sale.
  1. Jurassic World Evolution
  • It seems like an amazing game and dinosaurs have interested me since I was a child. I need a sale, way too new and expensive for me atm.
  1. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • I enjoyed a demo of this I played on Origin a while back but forgot it about until recently when I saw it in my recommendations on Steam.
  1. My Lovely Daughter
  • Saw this being played on YT and it seemed so interesting.
  1. A Hat in Time
  • I always love a good platformer and this was recommended to me by a friend.
  1. No Man’s Sky
  • Seemed interesting, it only recently made it into my top 10 but it definitely needs a lower price atm. I do recall some low prices during some sales in the past but it was much lower in my wishlist then.
  1. Nancy Drew®: Alibi in Ashes
  • Excluding 2 Dossiers, this is the last Nancy Drew title I can get on steam before I am forced to use their website.

I mainly only add games to my library during sales or from bundles and occasionally gifts from friends or giveaways. I had removed close to 20 titles from my wishlist during the winter sale, so hopefully, I can knock off at least a few this time around as well.




Lol, it’s been in my wishlist since Aug. 12th, 2016 which I believe is the release date after watching a friend play it on stream, and it seemed like a game that I would enjoy even then. Supposedly the updates have made it a much better game since its initial release.


y i’ve been waiting for a good deal on that game too

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same with Wreckfest; they somehow made it through their EA-hell and suddenly their steam reviews for the last month are actually at 91% and their overall reviews are climbing too