Games where Do they come from

Hey! I was wondering where you guys are getting your games from and can sell them so cheap

Oh, linking between threads breaks the formatting when quoting. Too bad.

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Sometimes when two games love each other very much they- nope!


Think it breaks it even if you post it so it’s a box but not quoted. Also, can’t people just try and find stuff on their own? Usually when you need something you should have appropriate buttons at the top and/or bottom of a page, and there it is on Chrono too, scroll down and there is “Support”…should rename it to F.A.Q maybe.

FAQ might be more intuitive, but not everyone knows to scroll to the end of the front page looking for answers.

It’s also interesting to see that despite there being thread suggestions when starting a new thread (“These threads look similar to what you are about to post”), the same topics are started and discussed over and over again.