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Games similar to Portal


I saw this post:

It made me want to start a similar topic to find as many first person puzzle games as we can. The similarities to Portal can be pretty wide so no worries if they only loosely resemble a portal type game since puzzle games can get pretty crazy and those are my favorite! In no particular order:

  1. The Turing Test
  2. Q.U.B.E. 1& 2
  3. The Unfinished Swan
  4. Chroma Gun
  5. The Talos Principle
  6. Echo Plex
  7. Red Trigger
  8. Metamorphic
  9. Anamorphosis
  10. Museum of Simulation Technology (If it ever comes out…it’s been years.)
  11. The Witness…? (LOL)
  12. Antichamber
  13. Ether One (Or is that a walking simulator? haha)
  14. Quantum Conundrum
  15. Perspective
  16. Industria (this one reeeeally wants to be portal when it comes to its environments from offices to taking place in a giant factory)
  17. Soul Axiom
  18. Deadlock
  19. NaissanceE
  20. Inua
  21. Cylne
  22. MirrorMoon EP (I think this is my personal favorite and I just found out about it while researching this, so creating this topic has already paid off! Also I find the game to be incredibly beautiful and somewhat Abstract which isn’t seen nearly enough!)
  23. Rememoried
  24. MIND Path To Thalamus (I have no idea, so don’t ask me lmao)
  25. Awaken (VR)
  27. Symbiosis (Not sure if this qualifies so decide for yourselves :slight_smile: )
  28. DeadCore
  29. Refunct (Kinda…maybe?)
  30. APT
  32. Artificial Resident
  33. JetHack (Could be just a platformer but looks interesting! Haha)
  34. TRI
  35. Ley Lines
  36. Smart Cube
  37. Downward
  38. Colortone (If you like Chroma Gun…)
  39. Shadows By: Adam Mankowski
  40. Membrain
  42. Attempt[42] ( I SWEAR that wasn’t on purpose!!!)
  43. Nova Flow
  44. PsychoDelia (This one is trippy meets abstract)

I also remember a game where you have this kind of trampoline glove or something to help you place something down so you can reach higher places. I can’t remember the title or find it now so if anybody knows what that game is please feel free to use it make fun of me and my lack of knowledge and researching abilities lol

Aaand I’m out of games haha

If you can name more than me I will be seriously impressed haha. I want to start a discussion and if just 1 person finds a game they like that they didn’t know about then it’s doubly worth it. :smile:


Just to add to your impressive list, Impulsion:


Ive seen that one before. :smiley:


This one maybe in a way? Though i;ve got bored after half and hour of playing it.


Oh okay I’ve seen that being play before. Seems like a strange name for the game when you play as a blob haha


So many games to avoid ;D
Portal gives me baaaad headache, Q.U.B.E. was so boringgg… :laughing:


To each their own :slight_smile:


I feel like there are others I’ve seen over the years not on the list, but a few I can think of are Paradox Wrench, Magnetic: Cage Closed, Attractio, SolarGun, Pneuma, and ReThink. I found a curator that casts a wider net, but it’s worth a look:


Thank you!


Nothing to do with Portal , well mostly nothing , but i’ve juist started playing The Witness on PS4 and it’s sooooo good. Bends your brain so well.


You got a spare PS4? I reallllllly wanna try bloodborne sometime :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:


I loved Antichamber and The Talos Principle, I hated The Witness and Q.U.B.E. The mod Portal Stories Mel should be on that list, it’s very good and probably the next best thing to a portal 3.


Good point, it should be on here mod or not!


I bought it just for Bloodborne :smiley: