Games on a schedule?

Hello. I was wondering if in the future, you plan to add games on a schedule(for Chrono Coins)? For example, 1 games every other week, or so? I think it would help because the we would know when exactly to check for new games.Is this possible? Thanks.

We may not have a firm schedule in the near term, but it’s something we may institute in the future. For now, we’ll be trying to always keep a few games available in the shop.


Also this can only be done if publishers will consistently offer their games to for free on a regular basis, so can keep a backlog of games in order to follow a regular release schedule. Every other week seems difficult to me. But waiting too long also means everyone is rich enough to afford anything, no matter how high the price floor is. I can see this coin shop can cause quite a bit of stress to give us something so awesome.

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True, thanks everyone for replying.