Games Finder

Has anyone had any experience with this site? Looks like it should be bookmarked and kept as a decent gaming info site.

It seems to be a site like for software.


I’ve used it before, and it definitely does give recommendations that you might want to try out. Whether it suggest your next big game; that’s questionable.


I’ve seen it before but I don’t think I was very impressed with it then as I forgot about it until you mentioned it. Also not very impressed with it today as 3 out of the 4 first things I tried searching for were not in their database.

What good is it to recommend only huge franchises like GTA, Final Fantasy and Civilization? When those are most likely the games people will come away from and already know about wondering what other lesser known titles might exist that shares with them themes or other similarities.


Thank you for the comments. It does seem have a lot of potential. I like how you can filter by platform and they don’t do the slideshows(I hate that)but I couldn’t find an alpha list of ALL games…Just the “Games Like”.

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