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Seems like the games or going down in quality the last couple of weeks, we had gems like “Reverse crawl” “lethal league” and “reigns” and now we get something that looks like a 2 year old drew it’s art and a zombie game, although i will admit Cosmochoria looked good, just not my cup of tea


i think that’s subjective
both games have an 80+% approval rating with the majority being actual steam purchases
both games have cards, which mean you can make real money from free virtual currency (yes pennies i know, but still a + )
both games don’t look objectively bad, (imo) ;), vs “others”

personally i’m just not into either game type or playstyle, looks aside, so that will be my reason for not opting in for them
and i think State of Anarchy was done pretty deliberately that way, and seems to work for all intents and purposes of the media and that game
personally i think the paint/stick-man drawing art style is awesome, tho that’s just me maybe, but i got tired of even Zombie Driver so fast, so that gameplay type is just not for me anymore,
didn’t enjoy plants vs zombies or angry birds and many such, so don’t think I, Zombie would be something i’d end up playing either, and if i know that it’s already unlikely to play before even considering backlog library, that’s why i don’t pick it, not because of how it “looks”, or monetary value
it’s a game, how it plays should come first in consideration imo, and neither is my type of play so that’s my reasoning, but others clearly enjoy these types of games and their style

coin-monetary value, are these lower than other previous games offered? sure, but still free tho,
and i think i would still take these into my steam account over 95% of indigala freebies tbh


Um, no thanks. I’ll just put my 10,000+ coins back in my pocket and save them for a rainy day :umbrella:


Lol the shop quality has gone downhill FAST af. From surgeon simulator, I Am Bread, Reigns, etc. to giveaway/shovelware games. I’m lookin at you, State of Anarchy (I own it got it in a bundle stars 1 dollar bundle).


So then this is great deals for newcomers who don’t have 10’000+

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No tux, no bux… I mean coins! :penguin:.

I already have State of Anarchy though and it’s a decent little waste of time. Gets pretty repetitive quickly though and has some annoying RNG elements.

I guess it’s a matter of taste. I don’t much care for those physics based “simulator” games that were popular at one point (Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and what have you). Would’ve loved to have Reigns though :slight_smile:. And Brigador. And a copy of Hammerwatch for gifting. And Tower of Guns. And Lethal League. And…


Are you conveniently ignoring There’s Poop In My Soup :stuck_out_tongue:? Sure the quality might vary a bit, but I don’t think we can draw any conclusions yet.


Glad I’m not the only one.

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