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GameGuru is Free On Steam Until March 18, 2019


For people who may want to fiddle around with trying your hands at game creation. :slight_smile:


Looks uh interesting XD has anyone tried it and thinks any good?


Thanks for telling us about this! Gonna tag @yitzilitt in case they are interested as well! :smile:


If you are seriously interested in game making, you’re better off learning Unity Engine or Unreal Engine.

If you just have a passing interest and want to make a generic FPS, then maybe this is for you.


yeah, looks like gives you the same quality games as RPGMaker (usually meh) unless someone REALLY tries. Same kinda monetary model as well. Basic basic program for X dollars, then all the interesting objects, etc. as DLC for more dollars.


I honestly believe that RPG maker has a lot more potential for a good game than this does. Anyone can try to get some good pixel art going or buy some reasonably affordable, but high quality 3D models, textures and animations take a shit ton of extra money and if you already have that $ you are probably better off spending on unity, unreal or maybe even Cryengine


Thanks for the info.


thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly for the alert!


Do any of you have experience with the Godot engine? It has good reviews and a developer-friendly licensing policy so i’m thinking of learning to use that instead of Unity. While i can find tutorials on my own, if someone has recommendations from their own experience, i would like to hear them.


I tried Godot engine for a while and i think it is really good
but not as good as unity because unity has bigger community, so if u get stuck or need help there are alot of people who can help u
But i think godot is good, u should try and decide for yourself
(srry for my broken english)


Did you find any specific tutorial or source of information that helped you get started? I will try it myself but if you can recommend a good starting point, that would help me to not waste my time. I’m also aware that Unity has a much much larger community but it’s really hard to pass up on Godot’s licensing policy.

**Edit: Found a halfway-decent tutorial so i’m learning Godot right now. I’ve only seen some basic functionality so far but it seems a bit more intuitive than Unity3D. I’m not a fan of the Python style syntax but that’s not a deal breaker.