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game trailer has no sound on this site


Game trailers have no sound. I have to go to steam or youtube to to hear the game trailer.


Interesting, thanks for pointing this out. I’m unable to replicate it unfortunately, does anyone else have this problem?


Can’t reproduce, it behaves in every way any other embedded youtube video does for me. On Firefox Quantum 66.0.5 (32-bit), with all sorts of blockers and userscripts active.


Everything is working here…Tried Chrome and Vivaldi with ad blockers etc.


I’m about to head home in a second, but what browser are you using and have you tried another one to see if it does it there?


i get normal YT both on frontpage and forum post, embedded vid behaving as expecting -with Ublock and adblock+ (FF+Chrome desktop +chrome on my mobile too)
kinda wonder if OP maybe mistook/was on the stream tab, since that defaults to no sound but autoplay vid running(for me) :thinking:


ok, now i feel stupid…
confirmed i had tab in chrome muted.
i guess it was before there was an option to not auto-play videos


NP. Thanks for letting us know it’s solved… :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s alright :smiley:

Feel free to bring up anything you do find in the future though even if you aren’t sure