[Game Suggestion] Everything

In addition to the insane potential for bad jokes ("What do you get the person who has Everything?, etc.), it looks like a pretty sweet game and pretty well-aligned with what is usually offered in game deals. Here’s the link. What’chall think?


Sites like this offer games with a discount, and devs usually don’t want a game that new to be discounted.


Usually true, but not impossible. Chrono.gg has done launch sales before, so a reasonable discount shortly after release is do-able. Although admittedly speaking this is a bit more difficult given the game’s already launched, so it’s harder to explain the promotion behind the discount.

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Everything had a launch discount on steam, gog, and humble (20% off), which stacked with a 20% off coupon they gave out for people that owned Mountain. I doubt the dev would mind having it discounted so soon.


I think this would be a pretty cool game to put on here.


Actually, I think the launch discounts are the exact reason the devs wouldn’t want their game discounted again. Whereas most people wait for sales, there are those who don’t care too much. Right now is that time when people who don’t care about sales would be picking the game up. They probably wouldn’t want to lose that little bit extra.

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Eh, at the very least I think the dev would do 20% off. The coupons are widespread, pretty much anyone that buys bundles has one. I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to have a spotlight for it when you can easily get a 20% off coupon though.